Ladies: Are You A Glorified Friction Provider?

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Summary: Women. The most delicious creation under the sun to all men unless of course someone is walking on the "other side." But for the most part we all will agree that a woman holds so much power over most men even though they won't admit it. The mere thought of a woman is just so damn intoxicating that most men when honest will admit that they won't say no under the right circumstances if presented with a proposition that turns him on. This is where the problems begin, especially if he is in a committed relationship. Some grow up and control their libidos and others try and collect as many sexual outlets as humanly possible which is so very easy these days due to our available modern technologies while others keep their cravings in their head to play over and over again like a favorite adult movie. Most will keep it on the fantasy level because they understand that to make their dreams a reality might end their relationship in divorce and costing them a ton of money in alimony and child support! We may never find out the answer to that one but while many men stay faithful to their mates in the physical sense, far too many are not there with you when you think he is making love to YOU! While you provide that delicious warm wet friction, he just might be thinking of that hot chick that he saw at the mall earlier that day, the church sister that wears her skirt three sizes too small or maybe that next door neighbor that doesn't seem to understand that you have to put some clothes on before you take the trash out to the curb! So the question is ladies, are you a glorified friction provider? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't! Let's talk about this and face the realities dead on! You don't want to miss this one because as always, we are GOING THERE tonight!