Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Podcast (Part 1) with Christian Finnegan

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Summary: This Special Edition of the Low Times podcast covers the highs and lows of some the most iconic musicians of all time, and Perry Farrell. In Part 1, our guest, comedian Christian Finnegan joins hosts Tom Scharpling, Daniel Ralston and Maggie Serota to discuss some of his favorites. Then, Tom Scharpling reveals his highlights and lowlights for three of his all-time favorites. (NOTE: We have legitimate respect for all of the artists featured, and we understand that it is impossible to have a spotless career.  Part of loving an artist is recognizing that every once in a while, they release a "Graffiti Bridge".) Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Download: Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Podcast (Part 1) with Christian Finnegan Play: Watch! Peter Gabriel - Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Prince - Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Jane's Addiction - Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Rod Stewart - Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Paul McCartney - Oh Yeah!/Oh No! Jay-Z - Oh Yeah!/Oh No!