Episode-1145- Listener Calls for 6-7-13

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: TweetJoin Me Today as I Answer Your Calls Today on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on design planning, motorcycles, bonds, cash savings, converting to no till, chemtrails, gardening in the heat of summer and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call 866-65-THINK. The best way to improve your chances of being on the air is ask your question or make your point up front, then provide details. Also please do your best to call from a quite area with a good connection and speak up so you can be well heard. I can’t put all calls on the air but I do my best to get most of them on. Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss… Will I put out a “master design plan” for the TSP homestead Thoughts on a BOM (bug out motorcycle) When to cash in US Savings Bonds Does it make sense to vacuum seal seeds for storage How much cash at minimum should you keep on hand What career paths will be valuable after a major economic shift Wood mulching after planting How to switch to no till from conventional gardening What to do if you have to plant late in the year when the heat is already up Herbal infusions vs. tinctures and concerns about alcohol in tinctures What is DE and is it safe for humans and does it effect composting Do chem trails exist and if so are they as common as some claim Resources for today’s show… Members Support Brigade Join Our Forum Members Support Brigade 13Skills.com Join Our Forum Walking To Freedom TSP Mint TSP Gear Western Botanicals – (sponsor of the day) Harvest Eating – (sponsor of the day) Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK (866-658-4465) and you might hear yourself on the air.