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Summary: GUILTY OF GENOCIDE. In an unprecedented court trial, former Guatemalan dictator, Efraín Ríos Montt, was found guilty of genocide and sentenced to 80 years in prison. What does this verdict mean for Mayan people? What may be its repercussions in Guatemala? What precedent does it set for criminal prosecution of other generals and heads of state in other countries, such as El Salvador? Guests: Catalina Santiago, Family member of victims, Nebaj, Quiché, Guatemala (pretaped audio); Diego Santiago Ceto, Ixil Maya indigenous authority, Quiché, Guatemala (pretaped audio); Baltazar de la Cruz, Ixil Maya indigenous authority, Quiché, Guatemala (pretaped audio); Héctor Cordero, Correspondent from Departamento de Quiché, Guatevisión, Departamento de Quiché, Guatemala; Alejandra Gutiérrez Valdizán, Editor, Plaza Pública, Coordinator of the Special on Genocide, Guatemala, Guatemala, http://plazapublica.com.gt/ ; Almudena Bernabeu, International Attorney, Director of Program of Transitional Justice, Center for Justice & Accountability, San Francisco, CA, www.cja.org