Episode-122- Google Shopping Weapons Ban, Search Engine News and More

Podcast – Five Minutes With Jack show

Summary: Well folks we have a lot of cool stuff to cover today with the new 1 hour show format.  There is a lot of shift and change going on in the social media and search engine space so we will focus a lot on that today along with some other topics like what a doomed economy means to someone wanting to start a business. Join Me Today as we Discuss… The real lesson of the google shopping “weapons ban” Why you may not want some links “counted” by search engines and how bing can help (sort of) Article writing – I say quality over quantity and seek mid sized blogs adSense and adWords the basics and are they for you Is your business scalable and how do you want it to “scale” Is there really any difference between “site keywords” and “page keywords” A random non online business concept and how I would take it online If I think the long term economy is doomed, why do I suggest starting a business Resources for this Show Google Shopping Bans “Weapons” Bing Lets you Disavow Backlinks Google Search Share Hits and All Time High Discuss Episode 122 on TheRoadTo100K Forum