English Teaching in Japan 71-Final Term

English Teaching in Japan show

Summary: download mp3 Please write a review on iTunes and help spread the word. Follow me on Twitter @etijpodcast Shownotes -intro -preparing students for University interviews and essays -Shizuoka Ken Skit Contest preparation 1st Place 6 out of 7 years -Trip to England しゅうがくりょこ London, Oxford University -Final School term 3 がき getting students into University entrance exams new jr. high aging society. struggle to find students graduation -JET Program application in December interview selections lots of good information on the forums -New Things ETiJpodcat forum link New email address EnglishTeachinJapan@gmail.com New Twitter Page @ETiJPodcast ETiJ Podcast Facebook group -Final Words Don’t be afraid to share Be good to yourself and others Peace