(((HOUSE FUSION))) Funky House Music

Deep House, Nu Disco & Jazz Funk in (((HEAVY ROTATION))) show

Summary: Los Chicharrons "Roots Of Life" (Tummy Touch) Corduroy Mavericks "Don't Ask Me" (Coyote Cuts) Kinky Movement "Climbing" (10inch-Dogg) Stan Kolev "Change" Gion Remix (Dutchie) Trotter "At The Pool" Atfunk Remix (Timewarp) Felipe L "Out Man" Rik-Art Remix (Perception) Ross Couch "One Night In The Bronx" (Body Rhythm) Manjane "Harlem River Drive" (Guesthouse) M+Gors "Radio Meat" (Juiced) Rhythmcentric "New School Fusion" Seb Skalski Club Mix (Look At You) Forrest Avery + Derty D "I'm A Dream" (Flapjack) TJR "Funky Vodka" (Rising) Horny Tones "This Time" (Riffop) Matt Everson "Havana" (Maquina) JD Mals "Little Pixy" (Flapjack) Crussen "Parker's Jam" (Greenhouse)