- On The Road with Mac & Molly - Episode 15 Jerry's Jet Boats on the Rugged Rogue River

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Summary: In this episode, Donna visits Gold Beach, Oregon to take a 104-mile jet boat trip on the rugged Rogue River. She learns that the company serving up the adventure -- Jerry’s Rogue Jets -- now Oregon’s only mail boat outfit, has come a long way since the days of pike poles and sails. Jerry’s shallow-draft, jet-propelled vessels can carry 38 to 65 passengers and are able to navigate in depths of as little as eight inches of water. From Nic McNair, who owns the company with his brother Scott, mother Cherie, and father Bill, we learn how jet boats operate over the recreational, scenic and wilderness sections of the Rogue. We hear about some of the boatmen who have grown up alongside these waters and we marvel at the wildlife (from black bears to bald eagles to playful otters) that can be seen along the banks and in the river. Donna shares from her own experience of the "Wilderness Whitewater Adventure" that takes folks up to Blossom Bar Rapid, which is as far as is navigable by jet boat. The show ends with a note about Jerry’s mascot -- the border collie Rogue and other "river dogs."