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Summary: SOLÍS. Hilda Solís has stepped down as U.S. Secretary of Labor. This edition offers an exclusive interview with the outgoing secretary, discussing her tenure during one of the country’s most difficult economic periods. Solís has said she is proud of securing backwages for immigrant workers, and of the job training programs she administered. Guest: Hilda Solis, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Los Angeles, CA. ALSO, UNSAFE CONDITIONS. Poultry workers in Alabama work hours on end in cold rooms, hanging, gutting, and slicing more than 100 birds in a single minute. According to a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, poultry workers often endure debilitating pain in their hands, gnarled fingers, chemical burns, and respiratory problems. The researchers say federal poultry industry regulations set to take effect in April threaten the health and safety of poultry workers. Guests: Tom Fritzsche, Staff Attorney, Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL, www.splcenter.org ; Franco, Poultry processing worker, Alabama; Gerardo Guzmán, Guest Commentator, Radio La Jefa, Birmingham, AL, www.aquimandalajefa.com