The Black Agenda Episode: State of Black Leadership in the Age of Obama

Freedom thru Speech show

Summary: A round table discussion on the relevance “Black Leadership” in the Obama age. Using the recent controversial and very public disagreement between Al Sharpton & Tavis Smiley on national radio, we’ll explore said controversy to expand on the idea of a “Black Agenda.” Or what exactly is a “Black Agenda”. How do we incorporate said agenda in our perceived “post-racial” society? How do we go about communicating said agenda and is said “agenda” a political liability for Barack Obama? Most importantly, we’ll discuss the division within our community caused by said agenda and try to come up with a solution as to just what is best for Black America. We’ll also explore the New York Times’ piece on the CBC, and discuss their relevancy as it relates the Black electorate at large. Are they, like “Black Leadership,” doing enough for Black America?