The How I Got Over Episode: The Testimonial Show

Freedom thru Speech show

Summary: African American history has always fascinated and inspired me. The African American history narrative tells the story of a group of people overcoming against all odds. However, if we examine African American history closely, we find it to be comprised of millions upon millions of smaller individual narratives, narratives of people who have overcome various obstacles—to include poverty, severe illness, drug abuse, promiscuity, and a myriad other negatives—to find happiness, to find success, to find wholeness. This show features several individuals with engaging narratives of “how they got over,” of how, when facing seemingly insurmountable odds, they managed to persevere and prevail. Listen in as Nicole McLean of My Fabulous Boobies, Nina Brewton of Be Inspired, and Michael Staff of My II Sense shared their compelling narratives with you and be inspired.