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Summary: TENANT ARRESTS. Hundreds of people in Arkansas face criminal charges every year because they fail to pay the rent on time. A state law allows landlords to demand a tenant move out within 10 days of not paying the rent in full. The international organization Human Rights Watch is calling the law unjust and calls for its repeal. Guest: Antonio Ginatta, Advocacy Director, U.S. Program, Human Rights Watch, Washington, D.C., www.hrw.org ALSO, RAZA STUDIES REINSTATED? A federal judge ruled in a decades-long desegregation case against the Tucson Unified School District, ordering the school board to eliminate segregation and improve education for Latino students. As part of this order, the district will have to offer culturally-relevant classes focusing on the history and culture of Latino communities. Does this mean Tucson teachers can reinstate their banned ethnic studies program? Guests: Nancy Ramírez, Western Regional Counsel and Lead attorney on the case, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Los Angeles, CA, www.maldef.org