Social Isolation in the Elderly(Part2)-Exploring the Options

Transition Aging Parents show

Summary: Maggie Young from Wales, UK, will be joining me to continue our discussion (from our Aug. 16th show) about a serious concern that so many of our elderly face, social isolation.  Maggie is the owner of Call Concern which offers a Call A Day Program,aimed at reducing the problem of isolation & loneliness amongst seniors and others.  Call Concern gives its Mission Statement as:- "To ensure that Seniors and others do not pass more than one day of a week without enjoying at least one conversation to brighten their day and a contact with the outside world." One of its aims is to establish the first day of each month as a National Call Day.  Don't miss out on your chance to hear our international guest.  Your call-in questions are welcome, either by phone or online chat. Maggie's website for Call Concern can be found at: