BE Happy & Healthy with Dr. Kimberley Harrell - Water, it does a body good!

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Summary: WATER - it does a body good! Learn how water can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Drinking enough pure, non-chlorinated water daily is essential to good health. How much do you need to drink each day? What is OK to drink besides water? Is tap water OK to drink? Dr. Kimberley Harrell,D.D. Kimberley, is a former USA Olympic qualifying athlete, former American Record holding athlete,and a former United States Marine, she works with some of the top names in Professional Athletics, Entertainment and the Music Industry. She is happy to help you realize your Soul's dreams and help you achieve 'Your Perfect Body'. Kimberley is a certified life coach and professional speaker specializing in Mind, Body & Spirit 'Makovers' including Weight Loss Coaching, Law of Attraction Mentoring & Spiritual Journey Coaching.