Mac Tip Podcast – #032 – Boot keys for your Mac’s system startup

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Summary: ( In this episode of Mac Tip Podcast; Boot keys for your Mac's system startup Subscribe to this Show( Download Episode: Click here ( Show Notes: Unlike PC's, Mac's have a very different Kind of bios called a Extensible Firmware Interface or EFI for short. This is a set of interfaces that defines how software will interface with future firmware. Intel developed EFI as a part of the Intel Boot Initiative program that began in 1998. This program was designed to modernize firmware technology in today's computers in order to move past the limitations of a legacy BIOS. It offers features similar to the Open Firmware used on older PowerPC-based Macs. Beyond that, it is extensible and quite flexible. You might be asking your self why did I need to know all that stuff? The reason is that the computer needs to be told what to do whan you turn it on when it comes to booting to different peripherals Here’s a list of system startup hot keys to press while Mac OS X is booting, and their various effects: Pressing C when Booting, boots a CD or DVD like a Mac OS X disc Pressing T Boots in Target Disk mode, this allows you to boot off a external Hard Drive but only works with FireWire. Pressing N Boots from an attached network server or better known as a NetBoot server Pressing X Attempts to force Mac OS X to boot, if non-Mac OS X startup volumes are present. Pressing Shift Boots the mac into ‘Safe Mode’ which has limited functionality Pressing Option Displays all bootable volumes kinda like a Startup Manager which is good for multiple versions of OSX . Pressing Command+V Boots into Verbose mode, These may be used for troubleshooting or software development. Pressing Command+S Boots in Single user mode if you used the Command+V Its kinda strange how the mac hardware is different from the pc world, but thats why we choose the mac And that going to do it for this episode of Mac Tip Podcast I hope you enjoyed it.The music for this podcast, preformed by Professor Kliq and announced by Josh Philpott.If you have any comments, questions or tips? Please leave them on the Web site, send them to, or you can also call into the hot-line at (304) 449-4335.Have twitter? We do to @nebbenThis podcast is supported by listeners like you, and there are a ton of ways to support this show goto to find out how you can support this podcast and others.And I bet you used iTunes to download this show, and who doesn't, you know iTunes allows you to write a review about this podcast, it would help the show greatly.So from Mac Tip Podcast I'm Ben Straw, Thank you and Stay Subscribed.