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Summary: Are you looking for more than a ‘surface’ conversation about topics like spirituality, the self-help industry, or health & wellbeing? Maybe you’re curious about exploring some of your own gifts or health challenges and want to know if others have experienced what you have. What about the intersection of entrepreneurship, family life, and self-care? Join Jen Lang and Jane Stark, two heart-centred business owners, as they explore the shadowed edges of life, the universe, and beyond through honest and thought-provoking conversations. No topic is off-limits and is approached with an open heart and mind, active listening, and compelling guests. We may not have all the answers, but we know that the way forward is through these vulnerable conversations. Listen in as we unite physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies into a powerful show to lead, heal, and inspire you.

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  • Artist: Jane Stark & Jen Lang
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 Talking Near-Death Experiences | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:11

In a conversational style episode, Jane and Julie Boyer share their unique near-death experiences (NDE) and what we’ve learned from them. Their experiences were both connected to childbirth; Julie’s was after her second miscarriage and Jane’s was after she hemorrhaged after giving birth to her first child. Neither of them understood what they had experienced until years later and they both questioned whether their experiences were ‘real’. As Jane and Julie explore this together, they share the amazing gifts that have come from their NDE, including deep gratitude and reverence for life.

 Are you Confusing Self Worth with Net Worth? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:16

Self Worth and Net Worth are often so intertwined, it can be difficult to see how our actions and feelings toward each are different. So much of our current society puts forward the notion that if you have lots of money you are ‘worth something, which is where the confusion inside can take root. Listen in as Jen discusses her own realizations around untangling her self-worth from her net worth and how you can begin to recognize and find relief by doing the same.

 The Art of Owning Your Trauma with guest Laura Craddock | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:54

Today we dive into Owning Your Trauma with our Embodiment and Authenticity Coach Laura Craddock. Owning your trauma is meant to be an empowering feeling of taking control of your own healing. Laura beautifully points out how trauma happens in nature and is a part of the human experience, as she gives you and her clients tools to support yourself in owning and healing your trauma. Listen in as we discuss what trauma is, how it shows up in our lives, and Laura’s helpful takeaways to owning your trauma.

 Love Your Anxiety with guest Emilie Clarke | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:15

Have you ever had that little “niggling” feeling inside your gut? In today's episode, we are joined by Emily Clarke, an Anxiety coach, who shares with us the value of listening to that “niggling” feeling and what it actually is telling us. After having her own struggles with anxiety , Emily found the secret to understanding your anxiety and that is to love it. Listen in as we discuss how loving your anxiety and pairing that with a spiritual practice is key to healing it, and how to pay attention to whether your core essence is masculine or feminine and how it connects to your anxiety processing.

 Owning the Fear of Rejection | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:43

In this solo episode, Jane opens up about a recent realization she’s had around why she is still holding back in certain areas of her life, how she started to identify her fear of rejection and what she is doing to move through and heal it. Join us as we continue to navigate the concept of owning your s*!t with real-life examples and guidance.

 Owning Your Voice - Jen in conversation with Jacquelyn Atkins | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:40

Jen was recently a guest on the Biz Alchemy Podcast, hosted by Jacquelyn Atkins. Jacquelyn helps female entrepreneurs remove the energetic blocks in their business so that they easily attract their ideal clients. Listen in as they talk about embracing the new paradigm of business, listening to your intuition, developing your inner voice, and claiming the power we have inside to support our voices so we can show up in our lives, true to ourselves.

 Own Your Cycle with Period Coach Stasha Washburn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:16

Building on the theme of Owning your $h!t and taking radical responsibility, we had an empowering and informative convo with our guest Stasha Washburn. Stasha is The Period Coach, the bloody kind not the grammar kind. Founder of the Period Coaching School, certifying coaches to incorporate menstrual cycles in their work, Stasha is also a dancer, cook, sword fighter, tai chi practicing, speaker, author, skateboarder, INTJ, foul mouthed, football loving, digital nomad. Basically pinning her down is nearly impossible. She’ll go anywhere as long as there’s a tea kettle and WiFi. A Certified Holistic Health Coach, and 20+ years of research have fueled her passion to reconnect women to the power in their period. Stasha is leading the bloody revolution to end the taboo of menstruation world wide. No longer whispers in bathrooms, she’s leading powerful public discussions. Listen in as we get into the Power of Owning Your Cycle! Additional Resources/Reading: < mandala < book

 Radical Responsibility: How it changed our lives | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:18

What is Radical Responsibility? Listen in as Jen and Jane explore what it looks like for them and how they did the inner healing work to be able to choose the lenses through which they were viewing their worlds. Find out how Jane’s health crisis provided her with an opportunity to choose herself and begin a process of taking radical responsibility for her health. It may seem radical to take control over your own life because the world around us is noisy and telling us to do the exact opposite, but Jen and Jane are here to help you start!

 The Power of Owning Your $h!t | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:46

What is ‘owning your $h!t’ all about, anyway? It is when you take personal responsibility for your life, your health, your relationships, and more. No one likes feeling uncomfortable, but owning your $h!t is all about moving past the discomfort, as that is where the growth and expansion are found. It is easier to play the victim in your life and see the external events as things that are happening to you instead of for you. Diving into your inner world and owning you $hit, takes back your power and helps you take action towards creating the life you want. Listen to how Jen and Jane share their best strategies for coming to terms with owning their own $h!t and what taking personal responsibility might look like for you.

 How Are You at Receiving? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:38

Join Jen + Jane as they lean into, discuss and practice the art of receiving and intention setting. They examine what it means to receive compliments, gifts, invitations, etc. guilt-free through asking yourself questions like: How are you at receiving?; Are your gestures of kindness rooted in the expectation of something in return? (acceptance, approval, kindness, etc.); Can you receive without expecting anything in return (or giving anything in return)? And in connection with the practice of receiving, Jen + Jane open up an exploration about how our beliefs guide and set our intentions for our lives. They ask their listeners the fundamental question: What intentions (conscious or unconscious) do you set each day with your inner dialogue? Come along with them as they explore these two important practices!

 The Beauty and Value Of Alone Time! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:22

Alone Time - Do you love it? Dread it? Listen as Jen reflects on the value of alone time through solo motorcycle trips, being in your own energy in your living space, and the perception of alone time as a ‘luxury’.

 Is it Resistance or Are You Swimming Upstream? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:06

Are you resisting growth or are you swimming upstream? In this episode, Jen + Jane discuss the difference between feeling resistance towards personal growth and what it feels like to be swimming upstream, pushing through, and ignoring the signs. Together they explore what the two mean and feel like for them. Two fundamental questions to ask ourselves when looking at the difference between these two felt senses are: How do you know when it’s resistance? & How do you know when it’s swimming upstream? Listen in as Jen + Jane unpack this topic and share their stories with you.

 When Coaching Goes Sideways… How Resistance and Sabotage Take Us Out | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:41

Resistance and sabotage show up in multiple ways in our lives, coming up in everything from relationships to entrepreneurship, and from career moves to mental health. Here are few questions to ask yourself when meeting your own resistance and self-sabotaging ways: Are you ‘shoulding’ yourself? What stories are you creating out of this? What are you resisting? Are you ‘shoulding’ yourself out of pleasure and fun? Be gentle with yourself as you meet and become aware of your unhelpful thought patterns. Vices, sabotages and adversity are all part of the human experience - how you choose to respond determines your outcomes and your success. Questions for further guidance: Here are some journaling prompts and reflection questions to ask yourself Where in your life are you ‘shoulding’ yourself? What stories are you creating out of this situation? Are they true? What are you resisting that wants to be seen? Are you ‘shoulding’ yourself out of pleasure and fun?

 Do the Healing Arts + Coaching Mix? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:30

Jen + Jane come out of the spiritual ‘closet’, sharing details about their own journey with various healing arts such as Reiki, EFT, Hypnotherapy, sound healing, intuitive channeling, and more. Listen in as Jen and Jane describe transformative coaching/healing experiences both for themselves and for their clients when incorporating healing arts into their coaching practices.

 Coaching-Healing-Counselling with Guest Emily Tousaw | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:08

In Episode 12, Jane and I discussed coaching, healing, and therapy and how each of these areas supports the client. Today we’ve invited registered psychotherapist Emily Tousaw to share her perspectives and experiences with being a therapist and counsellor, reflecting on the role of these professions in healing, and how her work changes people’s lives. We look at the increasing regulation of these industries and what the nuances are between what makes someone seek out coaching vs. counselling. Resources and Books mentioned: The Body Keeps the Score - Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk When the Body Says No - Dr. Gabor Mate Guest Bio: Emily Tousaw is a Registered Psychotherapist working with individuals and people in relationships navigating all the ‘life stuff’. She loves working with people to transform their lives through managing anxiety and depression, life transitions, trauma, and recovering a sense of self. She completed her training in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Guelph and is currently adding Somatic Experiencing training to her repertoire of tools to help release trauma from the body. When she’s not helping people to find their preferred ways of being, Emily loves knitting, canoeing, being in nature, listening to podcasts, going for walks, and spending time with family and friends. You can find out more about Emily at her website: ( Continue the conversation: Instagram: ( Facebook: ( Community: Keep up on all things Jen and Jane: ( Thanks for listening! Do you have some feedback or questions about this episode? Leave a note in the comment section below! Follow our podcast To receive automatic updates on this podcast, please follow on your platform of choice. Leave us a review We appreciate every bit of feedback to make this a value-adding part of your day. Ratings and reviews from our listeners not only help us improve, but also help others find us in their podcast app. If you have a minute, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. Thank You!!


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