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Summary: Rebel's Romper Room: A place to come and play.Rebel's Romper Room Radio Show is broadcast live at Wednesday's 3PM ET on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (

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 Unbalanced Fidgety Going Nuts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3008

Today on Rebels Romper Room 01-16-2018 Woohoo… what the …. Noooo! It happens. I feel unbalanced. Got Hot Chocolate? It’s all good. Unbalanced fidgety going nuts. Today we talk about things you want to get done this year. Set your goals and write things down. Making time. Are you being watched New Orleans? Being watched, how do you feel about it? Already been a day. Boy Rebel sucks at the journaling thing. Setting time. Getting your nails done. Rebel reviews Synergy. Relationship Questions, 9 of the 20 questions every couple should know the answer to. Do you know how to answer that question? Thing a ma bobber. 10 biggest dating turn offs for women. It’s been good.

 Shit Happens When You're Havin' Fun Show! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3226

Today on Rebels Romper Room 04-10-2019 Things to do with left overs. Sharing food. Food porn. Pics on Rebels Facebook page. The pic of the shirt. Scratch paper. What do you write on scratch paper? New Years Resolutions. Goals. Drink water. Water bottle. Everyone pics from me. What is Rebel eating? Tacos and Beer in Hammond La. When do you have time to do what your need/want to do? The lets name the show game. Primatene Mist. The story of the Halloween Horror Nights Evil Queen of Hearts and an asthma attack. Don’t fuck shit up for the rest of us. National Sibling Day! Places that Rebel has worked. Do you drink enough water? Book sale at SLU. We talk about the shower show we did on In Your Face. We talk upcoming shows.

 Issues of the Day! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3039

Today on Rebels Romper Room 01-09-2018 What’s not a thrill. Computer wants to drag ass. Are you faster than your computer? Not tech savvy. Dragging ass, gotta love it yeah not so much, there’s a problem, blood pressure rising. The things you hear in your head. Issues of the day. Life as you know it. You need to do a Year in review. How to make this year better? Not a computer person. Anything is possible. Things the computer does. Proof that computers can be accessed by other people without your permission. Why so much negativity? Got to fix the YouTube channel. Things we are in the process of doing. Have new experiences. We chipped ourselves. Learn how to subscribe to a YouTube channel. Finish what you start. One good reason to get things done. Do things for you. Get the glitch out. Don’t try to reach for other people’s goals. Take your turn! Relationship question. The Me Book!

 Take Out the Trash! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3123

Today on Rebels Romper Room 01-02-2018 Taking out the Trash 2018. Katy Perry Witness The Tour show 7:30pm Smoothie King Center New Orleans on 01-05-2018. St. Rock Vodka. New Year’s Eve. Story about running away with the fair. Throw out your trash before 2018. Journals. Seasons or Lifetime. The Greatest Showman.

 Things That Need to be Said! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3113

Today on Rebels Romper Room 12-26-2017 OH yes there we are…. The day after Christmas. Out and about. La Befana. Relationship issues. Tired of the non-communication. Negotiations. Got to question #17 in the 50 questions. When to confront someone about stuff you know they did? Respect other people’s feelings. Sexual Fantasies. How do you talk to someone about not getting pleasure? Safe space. When have you had enough?

 Holiday Homework? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2946

Today on Rebels Romper Room 12-19-2017 Rebel is distracted today…. Totally unprepared. Not the best of years. Sort of a year in review. School work over the holidays? Giving ya more stuff to do. Think about the past year. All the work is missing! The issues of staying focused. What you have to do? What’s holding you back? Recognize things as you go. Make progress. Notice things as they come up. Things that come up in relationships that you should talk about. Negotiating, Communication, Loyalty, and Trust are things we talk about in this show. 50 questions. Getting the badness out. The Princess and the Pea. Christmas spirit is still lost. All 4 seasons in on week in Louisiana. Let it Snow!

 Christmas Sucks What? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3030

Today on Rebels Romper Room 12-12-2017 What’s happening?.... This is not In Your Face its Rebels Romper Room. Nothing is going in Rebels mouth at this moment. The Christmas Train. Rebel hates Christmas. Flooded by Linked In. Do you or your partner see porn and or masturbation as cheating? 25 years ago The Muppet Christmas Carol premiered in theaters. Christmas Movies and traditions. FB penile implant post. Chip in your genitals. Is sucking dick when he’s asleep rape? Things you put in your mouth. Candy cane flavors. A kiss. How big is too big? Relationship questions. Things that pop up here and there.

 Don’t Delude Yourself | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2988

Today on Rebels Romper Room 12-05-2018 Or is it?.... Gotta watch what ya say now a days. Dead and Company show will not go on tonight do to an emergency appendectomy. Ever wonder and question things? Trust issues. When do you say I’m done and walk away? Do you know the tell to look for? Stupid Christmas songs. 12 Drugs of Christmas. Is anyone really happy? Was life ever like you see on tv? Don’t delude yourself. Why do people say the things they do? People and the things they do. Tells, Taking off the Rose colored glasses, Seeing the real deal. An illusion in your own mind. Don’t let people get away with shit. Tough decisions. What do you do? When do you parole yourself? Jingle bell cock. Not knowing and no direction. Don’t let them flip the script. What do you do about it? How ya gonna get there if you don’t know where ya goin’? Babys gotten good at goodbye! Is this the life I intended? What’s it going to be? Life is what you make it! Is there life out there?

 Horoscopes and Relationship Questions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3055

Today on Rebels Romper Room 11/28/2017 Distractions distractions…. Rebel’s Law! You never really know at all. It is one of those lives. Horoscopes from the magazine Womans World for the week of 11-25/12-01. Over Stretching Your Anus? How dirty can Rebel make the horoscopes? What’s in Rebels mouth? What drink are we talking about? Relationship Question: 20 Classic Dating Questions you should ask before getting in a relationship. The studio audience is in house. A Relationship Book. The Me Book. The Daddy Book.

 Loyalty Trust and Actions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3079

Today on Rebels Romper Room 11/21/2017 Some people are, some people aren’t. Rebel is playing with what? It’s all good. Not happy about the holidays. Is the imagination all your getting? What are you thankful for? Put on a shelf. Do something with it! What did you get it for? The journal… that’s right. We talk about the journal. Control over life. Do what you need to do for you. Are you working the journey to you? Not playing this game anymore. Loyalty Trust and Actions. Vacation this year. Get together with yourself. Hebert Guns black Friday sale. I’d love me if I were in your shoes. To believe or not to believe, new segment of the show. Past New Year’s resolutions. Where to find the time? Do you want to touch me? Daddy’s Little Monster. Just Sayin’, Kitty’s Corner, Gag Me, Things that Gag, Nip it in the Butt, What’s being eaten here, Molly Coddler,….. All kinds of new stuff. Set priorities! The Journey to You.

 Action Speak Louder than Words! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3122

Today on Rebels Romper 11/07/2017 Don’t break ‘em baby!.... It’s all good. Get up on it. Home Free Tour 03-01-2018. Keep trying and see. Social media takes over life. Plan for things ahead of time. Take time off to do for you. Rock Fest 80’s. What does Rebel want to get on to? Actions speak louder than words. On a Mother Fuckers Last Nerve! At what age do you stop doing for yourself to make you happy? Gum was not Rebels friend. Archie’s Comics. Sugar Sugar. Hiccups. 23 Dating Questions to ask before getting into a relationship. The Me Book. The My Daddy Book! The journey to you. Never enough time. Put Rebel on the Spot. Know what you are getting into. You can’t please everyone all the time. That’s what it’s all about. Damn sugar, come off that high. Old enough to know better and young enough not to care. Don’t think it Know it!

 The Halloween Thing! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3073

Today on Rebels Romper Room 10/31/2017 Welcome to Halloween!.... The stuff that goes in Rebel’s mouth. What’s with the voice? Halloween, Dick or Treating, Bobbing on Head, Popcorn Balls,….

 Priority Sabotaging and Sucking! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3084

Today on Rebels Romper Room 10/24/2017 Loving it… are you? What are we doing people? Here’s an Idea?.... A kick in the ass day. What song did we leave you with last week? I’ve got better things to do! Priority! The preferred one. Where do you rank? Relationship sabotage. Realize what you’ve got before it’s gone. Fuck ‘em and forget ‘em. Where are were going with this? Why are you not happy? Keep the ex’s out. Don’t let your give a damn get busted. Limbo land. Don’t make people question why they are with you. If you don’t know you get back on the journey to you! You don’t need mental stress. Be in the know. Make sure to communicate. Too much is too much. Country day for us here on the show. Rebel rhymes. National Cock Sucking Month. The ten Dick sucking Commandments! Rebels contribution to the holiday! What did you learn from the show today? Hints and clues.

 Sucking Month | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3038

Today on Rebels Romper Room 10/17/2017 Oooooh boy oh boy oh boy.... Ooooh yes indeed…. Little ole me?.... Are you doing as good as you think? Things you don’t know about. The wool over your eyes. See the signs. Hitting a nerve there? You just think you are getting away with it. People have a way of finding things out. Things aren’t always what they seem. Stupid is NOT written on Rebels forehead. Pride and joy. Open line of communication. Where you stand. Priority. State of confusion. National Cock Sucking Month October. The Church of Cock. Google is your friend. Rebel went there. Sucking month. Rebel may make it up. Rebel won’t leave you hanging. Rebel has an overactive sleep cycle. When do you stop believing and giving the benefit of the doubt? Boy it was a dozy.

 On The Agenda | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3087

Today on Rebels Romper Room 10/10/ 2017 Oooh ooooh yummy….. Like I want to tell you guys…. What the hell?.... I don’t always know how to say it. The world is changed by your example not your opinion. Louder than Life. It is a live show. Wonder fucking full. No Rebel has not be drinking. The new bands Rebel met at Louder than Life 2017. Rabbit Hole. Smokey Bones. Nice things to see in the Kentucky area of where we stayed for Louder than Life. Ponchatoula October Fest. Rebel murders beer names. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. The agenda. Country Girls Creamery. Friday the 13th. Just who is Rebel talking to? If you don’t know what a cassette tape is, you are too young to be listening to this show! The My Little Pony Movie and Rebels review on it! Happy Death Day. Get Out! The new look at the AMC in Hammond. Rebel gives her review. Boo 2 movie. Clearly Rebel doesn’t get out much. Shouldn’t touch things. The Christmas Store. Brandon’s Appliance. Rebel is aiming high. Stay for the credits. Not here to preach. Pay for your entertainment. The cost of stuff.


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