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Summary: Welcome to Why Tho, we’re your hosts, Tiffany Bluhm and Ashley Abercrombie. We land somewhere in between Mother Teresa and Biggie Smalls, and we’re just wondering: Why tho? We all have questions, from our existential crisis curiosities, to our hey girl, why your eyebrows look so good tho, and we want to tackle all of these conversations with you. Thanks for joining us! Remember to subscribe and comment, it helps others to find the show. To learn more about Tiffany's writing, speaking or books, visit www.tiffanybluhm.com. To learn more about Ashley's writing, speaking, or books, visit www.ashabercrombie.org.

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  • Artist: Tiffany Bluhm and Ashley Abercrombie
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 Why Ashley Abercrombie Tho | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:26:00

Ashley, who had a pHd in pretending, learned to take her mask off and get honest with a little old-fashioned truth-telling. Overcoming drugs, alcohol, an eating disorder, and dysfunctional relationships, Ashley opens up about the journey of recovery, dealing with fear, and learning to live in meaningful, reciprocal relationships. She started in Eden, North, Carolina, then moved to Los Angeles, and now lives in Manhattan, where she pastors a church on Wall Street with her husband, Cody, and is a full-time writer and speaker. For close to a decade, Ashley has been advocating for change, speaking out against injustice and serving people across diverse spaces and places. She's hilarious and honest, and nearly brain-dead from sleep deprivation while raising two young sons in Harlem, New York. Why wouldn't you want to listen to that story tho? Read more at Ashley's blog, www.ashabercrombie.org. Her first book will be released in the Fall of 2019, so sign-up for all the details! Instagram: @ashabercrombie Twitter: @ashabercrombie Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashabercrombienyc/

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Tiffany, who was left in an orphanage at two-days-old in India, has overcome impossible odds to become an adoptive mother and birth mother, and wife to her husband Derek. She's a full-time writer, international speaker, and the Gatherer-in-Chief of SIP, a table gathering that serves hundreds of women each season in the Seattle area. She drops wisdom bombs like: "Fixing the exterior doesn't fix the interior," and "What's breaking you, is also what's making you." She talks about shame, fear, anxiety, discrimination, abandonment, dreams and more. Why wouldn't you want to share this podcast tho? Read more at www.tiffanybluhm.com and do yourself a solid and order her book Never Alone, wherever books are sold. You can also invite Tiffany to speak at your next event, or conference. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter: @tiffanybluhm Facebook: www.facebook.com/TiffanyABluhm

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Why wouldn't you subscribe and leave a comment below tho? Tell us your "why tho" woes, and share with us your questions about life, love, faith, body image, beauty, and justice. While you're at it, share this podcast with a friend - it won't be the same without her. Want to get to know us better? Listen to Episode #3 and Episode #4, to hear Tiffany and Ashley's stories of overcoming fear, anxiety and shame, and laugh hysterically as two friends compare living in the Burbs with living in the Concrete Jungle. You can connect with the ladies of Why Tho, read and watch content, buy books, or invite them to speak over on their blogs: www.tiffanybluhm.com and www.ashabercrombie.org Follow them: Instagram: @tiffanybluhm @ashabercrombie Twitter: @tiffanybluhm @AshAbercrombie


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