Web Axe - Practical Web Design Accessibility Tips - Podcast and Blog show

Web Axe - Practical Web Design Accessibility Tips - Podcast and Blog

Summary: Practical web accessibility tips. Blog and podcast for programmers, coders, or anyone else interested in techniques for web accessibility (see WAI, Section 508, WebAIM).

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  • Artist: Dennis E. Lembree
  • Copyright: copyright 2005 Dennis Lembree


 Podcast #95: Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Surveys, more | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

First, Dennis and Ross discuss a variety of topics including some current surveys and a couple articles about skip-to links. Then Dennis speaks with @JoeDevon and @Jennison about the inaugural Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Download Web Axe Episode 95 (Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Surveys, more) [Transcript of podcast 95] Goings On Ross' book update. Positive email response to Disability.gov critique. Liz Ellcessor Ph.D. candidate in Media & Cultural Studies at U of Wisc interviews Dennis (Malware warning due to hosting issue). New! a11yBuzz by @KarlGroves, an "accessibility body of knowledge". 2 updates (validation, open in other browsers) to Web Accessibility Toolbar 2012 by The Paciello Group. Seeing more accessibility jobs in general lately. Hiring good web developers at PayPal in San Jose, San Francisco, Austin; contact @DennisL. Surveys Blind or low-vision users, complete AFB's Survey on Travel Website Accessibility. Short survey by Blind Bargains to improve accessibility to flowcharts on mobile devices (must log in). Survey on Books & Accessibility for person with disability, special educators, parents; from @Barrierbreak. 4th screen reader survey by WebAIM Articles Skip links on mobile and tablets by @iheni. Article by @TerrillThompson "Back to Basics: Skip to Main Content Links". The Mobile Website Debate (Jakob Nielson vs Josh Clark vs Ross Johnson). Usability Principles, Accessibility Style, a 3-part series by @AquinasWI. Good examples of accessible websites by @TerrillThompson. Upcoming Events Accessibility Conference at University of Guelph, Ontario - May 29-30, 2012 Accessibility Camp Seattle (A11ySEA) - June 2-3, 2012 NFB National Convention 2012 starts June 30 in Dallas: http://t.co/mSQ59Op5 Global Accessibility Awareness Day Wednesday, May 9; first one ever! GAAD Website (launched May 2!) Facebook page. Twitter @GblA11yDay and hashtag #GAAD. Event in Los Angeles featuring Yahoo!'s Todd Kloots and Victor Tsaran. Melbourne Breakfast Meetup led by Adem Cifcioglu. Event in Toronto, Canada, at OCAD University. Event in Mumbai, India sponsored by BarrierBreak Technologies.

 Podcast 94: Women of CSUN12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This podcast is a preview of the 27th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, commonly known as CSUN, February 27 thru March 3 in San Diego, California. If you're not attending to the CSUN conference this year, this podcast is valuable in learning about current issues in web accessibility and "meeting" several great people in the field. If you are going, then you can also make a better decision in which sessions you want to attend. First, Dennis and Jennison Asuncion (@Jennison) do an excellent overview of the conference (OK, mostly Jennison). Then several guests, all women, speak about their work, their sessions at CSUN, and some other fun thoughts. Four of the women live in the UK! Download Web Axe Episode 94 (Women of CSUN12) [Transcript of podcast 94]GuestsGlenda Sims / @GoodWitch Henny Swan / @IHeniLainey Feingold / @LFLegalLeonie Watson / @LeonieWatson Sandi Wassmer / @SandiWassmer Sarah Lewthwaite / @SlewthMore Related CSUN12 Tweetup, Thursday, March 1 at 6:30pmProject: Possibility / @ProjPossibilityAdobe at CSUN12 / @AdobeAccessManchester Grand Hyatt

 Podcast 93: Teaching Mistakes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Dennis talks briefly about a couple of his recent presentations, a few other presentations and articles, and has a great conversation with Katherine Lynch. Download Web Axe Episode 93 (Teaching Mistakes) [Transcript of podcast 93] HappeningsBusy new day job for Dennis at PayPal.Two recent presentations by Dennis. Shout out to Norm Coombs of EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) and John Croston (@jfc3) for putting on the Accessibility DC meetup. Articles How Expensive is Accessibility? (by @KarlGroves)ARIA and HTML5 Accessibility (by @WebAIM)Screen readers and CSS (by @RogerJohansson)HTML5 Video Accessibility (by @SilviaPfeiffer) Discussion with Katherine Lynch. Katherine Lynch who works for Drexel University Libraries in Philadelphia. Katherine is a Drupal and accessibility professional and has done many presentations and written many articles. Find her on Twitter at @katelynch. Dennis and Katherine discuss her recent article 5 Teaching Mistakes Accessibility Advocates Make: We assume that others don't know anything.We assume that others know too much.We get hung up on one cause of accessibility.We try to convert people who don't need converting.We blame people for not already knowing. Related Links Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites (W3C WAI)Facebook Accessibility contact formFix the WebThesis: Responding to accessibility issues in business


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