JabalabaVision show


Summary: A vlog dedicated to the Drag queen filmmaker Jabalaba. Starring east village drag queens. Comedy


 JABALABAVISION | File Type: video/x-ms-wmv | Duration: Unknown

FILMMAKER BIO Jabalaba is a native of California. After moving to New York City in the 1990s, Jabalaba became involved in the downtown performance art scene. He was the producer and host of ‘Jabalabavision’ a weekly cable access television series on Manhattan Neighborhood Network from 1998-2000. Jabalaba's film and video projects in the new millennium encompass many styles from slapstick comedy to experimental documentaries. His recent works feature performances by some of New York City’s most outrageous and creative drag queens. Jabalaba is currently filming an as yet untitled project in and around New York City. Steak Diane The search for a star. The role of a lifetime. Let the contest begin. A film starring, Baby Jane Doe, Perlee May Cornbread & Chicklet. Lily White The story of a high society socialite who wakes up in the East village of New York with no memory. Watch her grovel her way back to the top. Starring Chicklet as Lily White. Sex Stories The tawdry confessions of three wild sex maniacs. Starring Chicklet, Hedda Lettuce, & Matinga Girl “Drag makes me sick”. The twisted adventures of a Girl gone crazy, on the day of her big performance! Starring Misael. Superfreak What mysterious killer is hunting these tranni prostitutes? Catch this thriller starring Pearlie Mae Cornbread, Candy, Krika, Matinga & more! Kitten Trouble This mini-movie tells the tale of two raunchy roommates in the cat fight from hell. Starring drag divas Hedda Lettuce & Chicklet. Check it out!!! Revancha 'Revancha' means revenge. A spicy film about three abused drag queens seeking revenge on their mutual boyfriend. Dogs Who kidnapped Pepe? The twisted drag adventure of a womanizer who is kidnapped by sadomasochist. Starring Hedda Lettuce, Chicklet, Baby Jane Doe, Misael & Matinga


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