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Summary: We discuss the fun, changing land of the software stack and how we're being defined by it.


 Episode 86: Life after artisanal pork rinds (i.e. tech M&A), CostCo Down Under | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

With a flurry of M&A over the past few weeks, we discuss some of the more popular ones: AppDynamics, Trello, and Apiary. These kind of buys are all about what the acquirer plans to do with the new “asset” and the financial health of the company being acquired. We discuss these recent acquisitions, including who the “losers” are. Also, the low-down on CostCo in Australia! Mid-roll Coté: I’m speaking at DevOpsDays Charlotte, day two keynote, I think. Use the code SDT to get 25% off! Matt: Talking Chef at the AWS Sydney User Group Microsoft Ignite Australia: Chef will have a booth & a talk ChefConf ChefConf 2017 Teaser Coté: much self-promotion to catch up on: I’m writing more “original content” on my blog, and plan to write more; subscribe to my newsletter for a round-up of stuff I blog, sent out on Sunday night, will tweak more. Also, in the “grim” vein, Coté reviews some books on "automation," which John Allspaw rightly says should be called "new technology," fair enough. The 1983 paper on automation and humans is a good read too. CostCo field report: Australia It’s great! US: No need for a hot pizza sign holder. US: Rayban Wayfarers are like $130 now! AppDynamics files for IPO… Cisco says NOT SO FAST IPO filing... “Our revenues for the fiscal years ended January 31, 2014, 2015 and 2016 were $23.6 million, $81.9 million and $150.6 million, respectively” Cisco $3.7 billion, about a 14-17X multiplier Atlassian Buys Trello for $425 Million Wired coverage 451 report, paywall. Public blog from 451. Oracle Buys Apiary “API Integration Cloud” Coté’s coverage, with plenty more links: small asset working on a $660m API management market. BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show. HP Buys Stuff Cloud Cruiser for management/chargeback, $650 million SimpliVity for converged systems, $650 million You Know What DevOps Needs? An IEEE Standard They’re working on it Twitter Google buying Fabric. Facebook still king. Do We Talk About Trump? OpenStack Summits leaving the US Red Hat, Microsoft, others making announcements against the Muslim ban Coté says: these people are proven idiots. Don’t work with them. Trump’s Twitter Moves Markets Apparently he watches Fox and parrots their lines, so maybe someone at Fox is making a killing with “insider trading”? RethinkDB: Why We Failed Good read for how hard it is to crack the DB and OSS markets. “In hindsight, two things went wrong – we picked a terrible market and optimized the product for the wrong metrics of goodness.” Coté follow-up: be careful with TAM picking. Yahoo is Altaba … wut? Dreams $45bn Google’s AI Awakening “How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services — and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself.” Extensive article on Google’s AI push from back in December Alexa Amazon’s OS Also, there’s an estimated 24.5m of these voice things around. ClusterHQ Shutting Down Docker storage startup shuts down Facebook’s 2016 Open Source Contributions Open source continues to be great for recruiting (and probably code) Google buys Twitter’s Fabric CASH! Bruce Sterling/Jon Lebkowsky “State of the World” Always a good read Recommendations Brandon: RTIC 30oz Tumbler. Matt: Donate to the ACLU. RTJ3 is out, and free! My 2016 year in the air Tennis ball making video Coté: big jar of green hatch! Get a 40! Also, how to feed three people with one bean.

 Episode 85: Being an analyst without being an asshole - Coté’s professional life, part 2 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

In part two of Coté navel gazing, we discuss Coté’s life as an analyst and strategists. Matt Ray is off in Australia-land, so it’s just Brandon and Coté. We discuss: what IT analyst work on; working with marketers that have poor, nothing new material; learning how to function inside a large company in the executive suite; M&A and investment bankers, getting shit done in large companies (it’s always slow), like Project Sputnik. Mid-roll DevOpsDays Charlotte, Feb 6th and 7th, 2017 - get 25% of when you register with the code SDT. Coté’s speaking at it! ChefConf 2017 Teaser Show Notes See part one of this series. Coté’s published work at RedMonk. Coté’s analysis on disruption in the industry analyst business, going over the business as it matters to the individual analysts. A discussion of Project Sputnik with Coté and Barton George, episode 34 of Pivotal Conversations. Collected tips on surviving and thriving in a big company, recording a presentation at Devoxx Poland 2016. Recommendations Brandon: Prototyping for Designers, by Kathryn McElroy. Pod Save America podcast (née Keepin’ it 1600) Coté: Bolthouse Farms, 100% Carrot Juice, 32 oz The perfect shoe for white collar yokels: Clarks Men's Trapell Form Slip-On Loafer At CostCo (or Amazon): 505 Southwestern Hatch Valley Green Chile Salsa 40 Oz

 Episode 84: 2017 Predictions: cloud, containers, AI | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

After speculating on GitHub’s business we throw out our 2017 predictions. We cover AWS, containers, AI, and government IT. Since holiday family time is coming up, Brandon also suggests some simple family IT help-desk tasks - like backup - and throws out the stretch goal of discussing 2FA at the dinner table. Mid-roll Coté: Come see me January 10th in Phoenix, 5:30pm at the Galvanize Office. Free parking! Coté: Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.9 is out. It adds in Google Cloud & Azure support, so you’re all multi-cloud ready; it will run 250,000 containers concurrently; you can now auto-scale on based on new metrics like HTTP Latency and HTTP Throughput, so when your app seems slow to users, the platform kicks in to make it go faster (previously, CPU; Spring Boot developers will see handy diagnostics info about their apps with new Actuator (diagnostic thing) integrations; devs can use PCF to run “tasks” (one time processes); and, of course, a slew of security updates are bundled in. Go to to check out my highlights and see a link to a longer, more detailed post. Feedback & Follow-up Nice review from Kiyoto! We’re in the 2,500 downloads an episode range now - thanks listeners! Show Notes GitHub Bloomberg cover their recent year. ...losing $66 million so far for 2016 - what would GitHub be spending that on? Did some upload a lot of JPGs to their repo? 'Sitting in a conference room featuring an abstract art piece on the wall and a Mad Men-style rollaway bar cart in the corner, GitHub’s Chris Wanstrath says the business is running more smoothly now and growing. “What happened to 2015?” says the 31-year-old co-founder and chief executive officer. “Nothing was getting done, maybe? I shouldn’t say that. Strike that."' “Secular” growth. Brandon's Predictions Growth on the Edge, presentation (from a16z GP Peter Levine) - the end of cloud computing and the return to the edge. Recommendations Matt: Surfing Santas: Sun, Fun and an Aldi Ham! Brandon: DBAN - Darick Boot & Nuke, Crashplan, Time Machine Multiple Disk Coté: Stratechery newsletter. He can be a little trying at times, but who isn't? He’s one of the most interesting, open, and honest IT analysts out there. See the 2016 round-up from Ben GitHub Is Building a Coder’s Paradise. It’s Not Coming Cheap — The VC-backed unicorn startup lost $66 million in nine months of 2016, financial documents show. Growth on the Edge presentation — the end of cloud computing and the return to the edge

 Episode 83: I think the word we object to is "DevOps" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

...Statler and Waldorf talk with Fozzie ...What's the "OpsOps" of DevOps?. ...Never say you're going to spend $1bn on anything What exactly is DevOps? We dare to discuss that at first and then get into Amazon's new managed hosting offering. There's some new container news with containerd from DockerInc land, and some little notes on Azure's features and Cisco's InterCloud shutting down. Also, we find out which Muppet each of us would be played by in The Muppets Take Over Software Defined Talk. Mid-roll Coté: Come see me January 10th in Phoenix, 5:30pm at the Galvanize Office. Free parking! Coté: check out my interview with Tony at Home Depot about their first year being cloud native, on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. They went from 0 to ~150 apps in their first year. Like, real, business critical apps that you probably end up interacting with (pro tools, paint), plus internal facing apps. Feedback & Follow-up The Doc Martin shoes: Hickmire. Thanks to Chris Short. The DevOps App dev vs. IT service delivery. DevOps Kung Fu, Adam Jacob's talk on the inclusion of everyone in the org chart in DevOps What is DevOps without Dev? Is there OpsOps? AWS Managed Services Amazon will manage your shit now, with real live peoples "This is actually a thing. It's called managed cloud." "This is actually a thing. It's called managed cloud." - this is a good example of the more subtle way of "paying off analysts." More like: changing their minds. "Designed for the Fortune 1000 and the Global 2000, this service is designed to accelerate cloud adoption" AKA "We're eating our partners" AKA "RACKSPACE: YOU'RE UP!" Coté: Is this like a service desk and a runbook for spinning up AWS stuff? Plus actual AMZN staff to "manage" the infrastructure like patching and such right? Coté: I was just talking with someone yesterday who's mission was "optimize how we do IT without me telling you what I want to do with IT." That is: lower costs and give us the ability to do whatever we may want in the future in under a year's planning/effort. Bezos doesn't like meetings without a memo Don't Sleep on Microsoft Damn, that's a monstrous URL GPUs, HANA, Media Services, Machine Deep Learning, Data Lake, Single-instance virtual machines Coté: I hear data is a thing. And AI. Cisco Shutting Down Their InterCloud Coté's audition for an ElReg headline writer: Cloud InterRUPPTED $1 Billion isn't enough, "score another body bag win for the unstoppable Amazon Web Services" "Meanwhile, the cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google aren't using a lot of Cisco gear. They are increasingly using a new style to build networks that relies more on software and less on high-end, expensive hardware." Sharwood@ElReg: "OpenStack public clouds have an unhappy history: Rackspace felt it could build a business on the platform, but has since changed tack. HP pulled out of its own Helion public cloud. If Cisco is indeed changing direction, the OpenStack Board has some interesting matters to ponder." Theory: AWS means on-premise IT is over-serving. You actually don't need all that. Incumbent vendors succumbed to the strategy aphasia of the disruptor's' dilemma (weren't willing to sacrifice/take eye off the ball of existing success and revenue) and lost to Amazon's lower capabilities, lower price approach. WHEN WILL TECH PEOPLE LURN? There was this talk several years ago that was all like: "well, obviously, we shouldn't compete strategy-to-strategy with Amazon. We should provide the enterprise version!" Apparently, that was dead wrong. People confused Apple's ability to sell at an insane premium with the market not caring about x86 &co. Docker Contributes Containerd Docker-engine standardized container runtime for the industry Engine vs. Machine Check out this TheNewStack story for a new strategy slide: Containers in Production! Round-up of some container survey poking n=338 respondents Sidenote: Jenkins win. Good job biffing that one Oracle. But then again: is there any money in it? "This leads us to a very difficult operational problem – how do we ensure security, and understand the makeup of an application while still allowing developer velocity to increase." More Docker usage numbers from DataDog! "ECS adoption has climbed steadily from zero to 15 percent of Docker organizations using Datadog. (And more than 10 percent of all Datadog customers are now using Docker.)" How do I read this? Does it mean adoption is fast after an initial tire-kicking? "In the 30 days after an organization starts reporting ECS metrics, we see a 35 percent increase in the number of running containers as compared to the 60-day baseline that came before. Using the same parameters, we see a 27 percent increase in the number of running Docker hosts." CoreOS Tectonic Goes Freemium Erryone's favorite business model Kubernetes 1.5 coming soon Shipping upstream version3 Renamed their distro to Container Linux They have attempted to coin the phrase "self-driving Kubernetes" -- God help us. BONUS LINKS! Not discussed on show. More AWS Followup Missed a talk? Open sourced a Deep Learning library: AWS is still really new to contributing to OSS, Cockcroft has been pushing them. Also see the stuff we didn't talk about last show AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate Q&A AWS Canada & London! Strange Brew Region hello hello hello what's all this then region "brings our global footprint to 16 Regions and 40 Availability Zones, with seven more Availability Zones and three more Regions coming online through the next year" Docker Acquires Distributed Storage Startup Inifinit "the Infinit platform provides interfaces for block, object and file storage: NFS, SMB, AWS S3, OpenStack Swift, iSCSI, FUSE etc." To be open-sourced Extends the stateful application story CA Buys Automic for $635 million "CA fights legacy status with DevOps automation tools buy" - that's not a good headline for your Christmas cards. $635 million, Crunchbase says they were founded in 1985(?) Hey look, it's my man Carl Lehmann at 451! New CEO at BMC Beauchamp goes to board, Polycom dude steps in a CEO "Beauchamp said many of BMC's products are achieving double digit growth and double-digit profitability." Red Hat OpenShift on GCE and JBoss on OpenShift In case you need more management on your GCE? AWS is already there, probably Azure soon. I wonder if there's a deficiency in Google's offering that it's more of a consumed resource than a platform a la AWS? Plenty of management in AWS already? JBoss on it Dell Q3 "Dell Technologies Posts $2B Loss, But EMC Deal Already Boosting Revenue" Stonic, (not) An Ansible Fork? Stonic will be licensed under AGPL-3.0 :facepalm: Coté: why is AGPL bad? Australian 2016 Word of the Year: "Democracy Sausage" (saved you a click) Democracy Sausage Google Makes So Much Money It Never Had to Worry About Financial Discipline - Until Now Candy, not CREAM Brandon called this way back when. But what about Google Fiber in my neighborhood? Best shruggie use of th eyear NVIDA $129k computer. "Fewer than 100 companies and organizations have bought DGX-1s since they started shipping in the fall, but early adopters say Nvidia's claims about the system seem to hold up." Does it pass the Coté AI Test? I.e.: can it fix scheduling meetings across different organizations? Recommendations Brandon: Mobile eating the world. Matt: Jenn Schiffer's "No One Expects The Lady Code Troll" Coté: Senso bluetoother headphones. Trapper hats all winter long.

 Episode 82: Attack of the two-pizza teams | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

...Eventually, someone has to clean up the leftover pizza. ...That sweet OpEx. ..."Easy to stay." Amazon came out with a slew of features last week. This week we discuss them and take some cracks at the broad, portfolio approach at AWS compared to historic (like .Net) platform approaches. We also discuss footwear and what to eat and where to stay in Las Vegas. Footware Kenneth Cole slip on shoes. Keen Austin shoes, slip-on and lace. The Doc Martin's Coté used to wear, Hickmire. Mid-roll Coté: the Cloud Native roadshows are over, but check out the cloud native WIP I have at or, just check out some excerpts on working with auditors, selecting initial projects, and dealing with legacy. Matt: Presenting at the CC Dojo #3, talking DevOps in Tokyo AWS re:Invent Matt Ray heroically summarizes all here. Richard has a write-up as well. RedMonk re:Cap Global Partner Summit Don't hedge your bets, "AWS has no time for uncommitted partners" "10,000 new Partners have joined the APN in the past 12 months" Day 1 - "I'd like to tell you about…" Amazon Lightsail Monthly instances with memory, cpu, storage & static IP Bitnami! Hello Digital Ocean & Linode Amazon Athena S3 SQL queries, based on Presto distributed SQL engine JSON, CSV, log files, delimited text, others Coté: this seems pretty amazing. Amazon Rekognition Image detection & recognition Amazon Polly Text to Speech in 47 Voices and 24 Languages Coté: Makes transcripts? Amazon Lex Conversational voice & text interface builder (ie. chatbots) Coté: make chat-bots and such. AWS Greengrass Local Lambda processing for IoT Coté: is this supposed to be, like, for running Lambda things on disconnected devices? Like fPaaS in my car? AWS Snowball Edge & Snowmobile Local processing of data? S3/NFS and local Lambda processing? I'm thinking easy hybrid on-ramp Not just me More on it Move exabytes in weeks "Snowmobile is a ruggedized, tamper-resistant shipping container 45 feet long, 9.6 feet high, and 8 feet wide. It is waterproof, climate-controlled, and can be parked in a covered or uncovered area adjacent to your existing data center." Coté: LEGOS! More instance types, Elastic GPUs, F1 Instances, PostgreSQL for Aurora High I/O (I3 3.3 million IOPs 16GB/s), compute (C5 72 vCPUs, 144 GiB), memory (R4 488 Gib), burstable (T2 shared) Mix EC2 instance type with a 1-8 GiB GPU More! F1: FPGA EC2 instances, also available for use in the AWS Marketplace RDS vs. Aurora Postgres? Aurora is more fault tolerant apparently? Day 2 AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate Chef blog Fully managed Chef Server & Automate Previous OpsWorks now called "OpsWorks Stacks" Cloud Opinion approves the Chef strategy EC2 Systems Manager Tools for managing EC2 & on-premises systems AWS Codebuild Managed elastic build service with testing AWS X-Ray Distributed debugging service for EC2/ECS/Lambda? "easy way for developers to "follow-the-thread" as execution traverses EC2 instances, ECS containers, microservices, AWS database and messaging services" AWS Personal Health Dashboard Personalized AWS monitoring & CloudWatch Events auto-remediation Disruptive to PAAS monitoring & APM (New Relic, DataDog, App Dynamics) AWS Shield DDoS protection Amazon Pinpoint Mobile notification & analytics service AWS Glue Managed data catalog & ETL (extract, transform & load) service for data analysis AWS Batch Automated AWS provisioning for batch jobs C# in Lamba, Lambda Edge, AWS Step Functions Werner Vogels: "serverless, there is no cattle, only the herd" Lambda Edge for running in response to CloudFront events, ""intelligent" processing of HTTP requests at a location that is close" More Step Functions a visual workflow "state machine" for Lambda functions More BLOX: EC2 Container Service Scheduler Open source scheduler, watches CloudWatch events for managing ECS deployments Analysis discussion for all the AWS stuff Jesus! I couldn't read it all! So, what's the role of Lambda here? It seems like the universal process thingy - like AppleScript, bash scripts, etc. for each part: if you need/want to add some customization to each thing, put a Lambda on it. What's the argument against just going full Amazon, in the same way you'd go full .Net, etc.? Is it cost? Lockin? Performance (people always talk about Amazon being kind of flakey at times - but what isn't flakey, your in-house run IT? Come on.) BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode. Docker for AWS "EC2 Container Service, Elastic Beanstalk, and Docker for AWS all cost nothing; the only costs are those incurred by using AWS resources like EC2 or EBS." Docker gets paid on usage? Apparently an easier learning curve than ECS + AWS services, but whither Blox? Time to Break up Amazon? Someone has an opinion HPE Discover, all about the "Hybrid Cloud" Hybrid it up! Killed "The Machine" HPE's Synergy software, based on OpenStack (is this just Helion rebranded?) Not great timing for a conference Sold OpenStack & CloudFoundry bits to SUSE, the new "preferred Linux partner": How Google is Challenging AWS Ben on public cloud "open-sourcing Kubernetes was Google's attempt to effectively build a browser on top of cloud infrastructure and thus decrease switching costs; the company's equivalent of Google Search will be machine learning." episode 097 — Google vs AWS Recommendations Brandon: Apple Wifi Calling & Airplane mode. Westworld worth watching. Matt: Backyard Kookaburras. Magpies too! This gif. Coté: W Hotel in Las Vegas and lobster eggs benedict at Payard's in Ceasers' Outro: "I need my minutes," Soul Position.

 Episode 81: DevOpsDays Sydney 2016 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

It's a special interloper episode from Australia! Matt Ray guests on the Arrested DevOps show live-to-tape from DevOpsDays Sydney, along with Bridget Kromhout, Matthew Jones, Lindsay Holmwood, Mick Pollard, Katie McLaughlin.

 Episode 80: The case for flying Southwest and Oracle buying Dyn, and containers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

With all the domestic, direct flight, the gang lays out the case for Southwest. Coté salivates at the prospect but is worried about sitting next to chicken cages, but there's plenty of $500 shoe sales people on board. We also discuss Oracle buying Dyn, AWS's power, the looming cloud success of Microsoft, and, of course, containers. Octogenarian style: It’s episode 80! The Brittle Bones Anniversary. Feedback & Follow-up At least one person came correct and said CostCo. I think we’re now in the 2,000 to 2,500 downloads range. Good job listeners! Mid-roll Coté: stop the container madness and just use Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Coté: the Cloud Native roadshows are over, but check out the cloud native WIP I have: - or, just check out some excerpts on working with auditors, selecting initial projects, and dealing with legacy. Matt: Dec 1st and 2nd - DevOps Days Australia 20% discount code - SDT2016. Matt: Sydney AWS Meetups: December 6, December 7. Oracle Buys Dyn Coté needs a dial-a-friend on this one. Fleshing out their cloud coverage This is what Coté frequently concluded when doing cloud strategy Softlayer and AWS compared Sorry Oracle, Taking Down AWS is Alibaba’s Job “Alibaba Cloud president Simon Hu has said the company is working to surpass AWS within four years.” We’ll see if YUGEly can wrap his head around IaaS protectionism. “You only get one hill to die on, so choose wisely” New AWS-native PaaS from Etsy/Stripe/SquareSpace veterans Coté: I feel like I’ve read this blog post before. Maybe I even wrote it? So much typing. Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation - we’re beyond the cats and dogs mirror! Steve Ballmer is spinning in his grave More than just Linux Add to this Visual Studio on the Mac. Google joined .Net Foundation Windows, internet, phone, cloud BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show Recent Coté Nonsense “Largile” Recent DevOps books review. Red Hat wants to make Kubernetes boring (and successful) They’ve certainly made OpenStack boring (zing!) “Not that Red Hat is calling Kubernetes "boring." Instead, they're calling it "Enterprise-Ready," which is basically the same thing.” I dig that Matt Asay style. Dude knows how to pick a quick topic. The End of General Purpose Computing More precisely, as the title says “The End of the General Purpose Operating System“ “What we're witnessing in the market is the development of vertically integrated stacks” “In all of these cases the operating system is an implementation detail of the higher level software. It's not intended to be directly managed, or at least managed to the same degree as the general purpose OS you're running today.” Apple Drops AirPort Routers I’ve got 3 of them, pretty solid. We don’t talk about Apple much here. Possible topic: what’s up with Apple now-a-days? Trump vs. Tech “Now we will have a president whose affinity for high-tech seems limited to Twitter bullying” Interesting when you think that the heads of Google, Microsoft, Apple and probably Amazon (Bezos owns Washington Post) are all at odds with Trump. Facebook is trying to not piss anyone off. Not sure if we want to talk about it, so maybe it’s just a show note. MacOS Security and Privacy Guide Lots of practical tips for a safer Mac experience Black Friday & Cyber Monday "the sweet smell of cyber dealz" Recommendations Brandon: Left, Right, Center Matt: Thanksgiving in Sydney: Magpie Attacks! Play your music at 10x slowdown, makes for good ambient listening. It’s up on GitHub if you want to do it to your own music collection, currently Ogg-only :( Coté: It Follows.

 Episode 79: From a vegan, clothing optional co-op to working with banks and oil companies - Coté’s professional life, part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

How does one go from living in a vegan, clothing option co-op working on a philosophy degree to hustling enterprise software? That's the story of Coté's career that we discuss in this episode. Matt Ray is out, getting the bills paid, so Brandon interviews Coté about how he got here, professionally. We end the story around 2011; maybe we'll pick up next time it's just the two of us. Show Notes House of Commons Co-op, Austin, Texas. See some pictures of a simpler time there. I think this is that Victorian Literature professor. He's the one that taught me how to use books as tools, writing in them and whatnot. A typical day at BMC. Always lots of jokes, there. See more pictures. In 2005, Coté wrote two pieces on IBM Lotus stuff: one on "Workplace for Business" and another on how I thought they should move it to Eclipse. Who knows why, really? Lala's, where it's Christmas all year round. James Governor and Stephen O'Grady. Coté at RedMonk. Recommendations Brandon: Ready Player One. Coté: Start and Scaling Devops in the Enterprise, Gary Gruver’s new book, an awesome 90 minutes read.

 Episode 78: Trump's possible effect on tech, plus, containers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We discuss possible effects that the Trump presidency will have on the tech world. The ideas are more or less known, but the details and whether they'd be enacted are sketchy and unreliable. Before that, of course, we talk about containers. This episode features Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté. Mid-roll Matt: Dec 1st and 2nd - DevOps Days Australia 20% discount code - SDT2016. Coté: Nov 16th - Cloud Native Roadshow in Omaha, next week. Coté: Various dates - Pivotal Cloud Native Roadshows - Cincinnati - Nov 10; St. Louis - Nov 14; Hartford - Nov 16; Denver - Nov 18; New York - Nov 22; Los Angeles - Nov 28. K8s Operators Stateful applications for K8s, a shot at Mesos? Prometheus & etcd first examples (spark? hadoop?) This begs the broad question: so, what’s CoreOS’s business posture now? Azure Container Service, now with K8s Those Microsoft folks will just put anything that looks tasty in their cloud - what a reversal from the Microsoft we grew up with. Docker in Production: A History of Failure From this dude’s perspective: a failure of product management and stable releases. Bugs, documentation spotty, cleanup scripts, kernel support (Debian!?), aufs & overlay & overlay2, 7-hour outage with no post-mortem “Docker only moves forward and breaks things” “The docker hype is not only a technological liability any more, it has evolved into a sociological problem as well.” A retort… that mostly agrees “boring tech is what makes money” shiny tech makes resumes? Mesosphere Jay Lyman on the momemtum: “Mesosphere does not disclose its number of paying clients, but says it has dozens of large enterprise customers, its primary target. The company says its experience supporting software deployments in production is among its key differentiators, helped by the use of Apache Mesos by companies such as Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal and Yelp, which was featured in a 451 User Deployment Report. Mesosphere says its focus is customer deployments of 500-1,000 nodes per day in production. It also says the bulk of its customers are licensees with professional services accounting for less than 10% of its clients, which tend to move to its subscription software.” TrumpTech, aka, “Putting the 400 lbs hackers on diets.” Turns out there is some marginally clear policy, just not McKinsey title mode versus white papers. Jonathan Shieber@Tech Crunch: "The biggest question facing millions of Americans this Wednesday is: just how much of what Donald Trump said on the campaign does he intend to actually try to make happen." (For example, Korea.) Dave Lee, at the BBC has a good laundry list: “Uncertainty, frustration and an increased fragility for the global home of tech innovation. Mr Trump certainly won't want to go down as the president who destroyed Silicon Valley, but the concern here is that of the few policies that have been explained in detail, some seem directly at odds with each other.” 10% repatriation program - tech companies have tons of cash abroad: Historic rates: “At the highest tax rate, corporations must pay 35% to repatriate capital, minus local taxes charged by countries in which the funds are held.” Hardware: “AAPL (93% of $230bln), CSCO (91% of $64.6B), IBM ($8.2B total cash, undisclosed % of cash held overseas but note 58% of earnings are from non US operations), HPE ($10.0B total cash, undisclosed % of cash held overseas but 65% of earnings are from non US operations), HPQ ($5.6B total cash, undisclosed % of cash held overseas but 65%-70% of earnings are from non US operations), JNPR (94% of $3.2B).” Software: “Specifically, some of the mid and large cap companies that have large cash balances “trapped” offshore are likely to benefit from being able to return a portion of this cash to shareholders. We note companies with high gross cash balances trapped offshore include: ADBE (85% of $4B – from 2015 10-K), ADSK (86% of $2.1B), CA (76% of $2.7B), CTXS (80% of $2.45B), FTNT (38% of $1.2B), ORCL (76% of $56B – pre-N), MSFT (96% of $113B – pre-LNKD purchase), RHT (42% of $2.0B), SYMC (93% of $5.6B – post-BC), VMW (77% of $7.5B), VRSN (68% of $1.9B). We believe the chances increase of a larger share repurchase or (lesser chance) dividend from these companies.” Apple & Amazon are not in a good situation - they’ll be a good test of WTF happens. Meanwhile, tech stocks dropping a bit. Ovum has a shit ton of quick analysis, all free: Fear of US public cloud companies, globally. Remember the freak-out from NSA stuff? Same idea. I think the Gemans got over it. Outsources: “A massive curtailing of H-1B visas, for example, will mean providers will need to make immediate shifts in what they’re able to offer customers locally, unless or until they’re able to compensate with talent.” “For providers, there’s also the unanswered question of the impact on US government spending.” [Education]( - some proposals for de-centralizing, meaning fragmentation of IT spend. Government talent, regulations, and spending - “If there is a large exodus of high-caliber and skilled staff, how will departments fill the gap? It also raises the question of funding for programs aimed at modernizing tech in the federal government such as F18 and FedRAMP. Trump might reduce the barriers to swapping out tech and push down expenditure that way. Certainly, the high cost and length of time needed to get Authority to Operate (ATO) under FedRAMP has been a barrier to uptake.” Telcos - other than him stating he’d stop the AT&T/TimeWarner merger, telco stuff is very unclear. No one’s sure what the traditional Republican +/- Trump equals, or what the formula is. M&A from Brenon@451: “Chinese buyers probably won't be shopping as freely in the US in the coming years.” They spent $14bn this year, I think. Chinese buyers have recently picked up Ingram Micro, which swings nearly $50bn worth of tech gear and services each year, 25-year-old printer maker Lexmark and even a majority stake in the gay dating app Grindr." Also see shorter blog post with chart of Chinese M&A spend. Snowden for Head of NSA!. Follow-up That’s how you do it! We got actual comments! BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode Matt wrote up an Amazon ECS thing The blog entry Doing Business in Japan Not new, but a good primer. Recommendations Brandon: New season of The Startup podcast Matt: TransferWise for transferring money abroad. A16Z on TransferWise. Coté: “Tighten Up.”, Archie Bell & The Drells - once you’re done being depressed, get your shit back together. HSAs. Meanwhile, this “pastrami burger” at 3 Greens Market in Chicago is AMAZING.

 Episode 77: If you’re implementing pagination, you’re not doing agile. | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

Is agile software development bullshit? This is what we discuss, along with a short tale of the best uber driver ever. Show Notes Follow-up Moved to So, now you can just go to No more multi back-end management crap. Check out the last episode, the show page is- God-damned nifty! Review in iTunes France Osprey “one bag” style backpack. The Best Uber Driver Ever Hands on a Hard Body guy, Ronald McCowan. The Sweat Hotel Coté’s Agile shit Excerpt from a PDF in process. IBM design people. We don’t know what we’re doing; celebrity diet books; agile people are squarely. It’s only cargo culting when the planes stop coming. UK GDS rant. Three types of projects; then the agile tools and tactics; then approach/culture How do I get developers to care about boring shit? ...or contain the blast radius of their boredom. Magic tactic: features are locked for two weeks, no interruptions The Product Manager's Lament. If you’re implementing pagination, you’re not doing agile The big PDF on all this stuff that Coté is working on - leave some comments! The End-roll Mid-roll Coté: Check out for more - free books, free cloud time, etc. Coté: Nov 15th, everywhere - I'll be speaking early in the All Day DevOps virtual conference. Coté: Nov 16th, Cloud Native Roadshow in Omaha - couldn’t make it to Kansas City? Come on over to Omaha for the same! We just did the one in Kansas City this week and it was an excellent turn-out and session list. Coté: Various dates - Pivotal’s Cloud Native Roadshows. Matt: DevOps Days Australia 20% discount code - SDT2016. Matt’s at Melbourne Infracoders “Compliance as Code”. BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode. OpenStack Anyone? There’s a Summit going on in Barcelona 35% annual growth sounds good With friends like these…: “Ubuntu founder and product lead at Canonical Mark Shuttleworth says he feels validated by his earlier claims that the expansion of OpenStack projects – known as the ‘big tent’ approach - would collapse and that the community needs to focus on its core services.” Bullshit as a Service: “My rule of thumb is if you're not [creating] virtual networks, compute or disks, and you can't survive on AWS, you are never going to survive on OpenStack. That's the bullshit as a service story.” OTH,

 Episode 76: Convergental and the battle for the new stack | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

With a new integration between Kubernetes and VMware, we once again discuss what exactly the battle of the new stack is and how companies could be angling to make money off it. Also, mole and recommendations. Listen above, subscribe to the feed (or iTunes), or download the MP3 directly. With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté. Mid-roll Oct 25th - Matt at AWS North Sydney. Nov 2nd - Pivotal Kansas City roadshow, Coté’ll be there. Dec 1st and 2nd - DevOps Days Australia 20% discount code - SDT2016. Show notes If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording. VMware doing Kubernetes VMware's post, and a product page. Photon platform is VMware’s container-play, trying to leverage the VMware ecosystem (vSAN & NSX stuff) The New Stack coverage BONUS LINKS, not covered in the show Ubuntu 16.10 Canonical’s doing Kubernetes too AWS & Government Debunking FUD and using AWS in (Australian) government Randy Bias Leaves EMC OpenStack advocate/critic, Pets vs. Cattle 2 years to the day after the Cloudscaling acquisition Heading to… Juniper Cisco is AWS Skeptical Good luck with that What $50 buys You at Huaqianbei Fascinating article, I hadn’t realized how ridiculously cheap everything had gotten Recommendations Brandon: Accused Podcast. Matt: Song Exploder podcast and the Tobacco album “Sweatbox Dynasty” Coté: Kirkland brushed khaki pants. Also, espadrilles from that store in BCN, La Manual Alpargatera. Apple Live Photos.VMware Photon to Present ‘Kubernetes as a Service’ - The New Stack

 Episode 75: "AWS and VMware are having a LAN party” or “Matt Ray’s deep story” or “some five year old gibberish” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Summary Big shakes in cloud land this week with VMware and AWS partnering up. Is this the hybrid cloud enterprises have been dreaming on? We also cover systems of records, Oracle, and something about Google phones. It’s a regular episode on all the hot topics! See full show notes: Listen above, subscribe to the feed (or iTunes), or download the MP3 directly. With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté. Sponsors/Mid-roll Check out for more - free books, free cloud time, etc. Also: Lords of Computing is now Coté.show. Will put upcoming special episode in there. And as always check out Pivotal Conversations. Nov 2nd - Pivotal Kansas City roadshow, Coté’ll be there. For more DevOps awesomeness, join the Chef Community Summit, October 26th and 27th in Seattle, WA. This Open Space event provides a great opportunity to connect with the DevOps Community and Chef Engineers over two days of engaging sessions and hallway discussions. Bring your ideas, passion and excitement for Chef and DevOps to this highly interactive event. Go to to register for this awesome event and use the code PODCAST to get 10% off your ticket! DevOps Days Australia 20% discount code - SDT2016. Matt at DevOps Sydney October 20. Matt at AWS North Sydney October 25. Show notes Follow-up Buy-side commentary on Oracle storming the AWS castle Those reviews are awesome, thanks so much! I’ll be re-jiggering the podcast back end again, so expect some annoying weirdness ( appears to be awesome, if expensive) So who’s buying Twitter? Tyler Cowe’s short term focus and going private escape hatch. VMware and AWS “VMware Cloud on AWS” “The service will be operated, sold and supported by VMware (not AWS) but integrate with the rest of AWS’ cloud portfolio (think storage, database, analytics and more).”–20cddbb537ed#.9cuvcp75o “these customers will go to Cloud, but its really a glorified co-lo.” “AWS should be encouraging customers to develop their workloads to take advantage of Cloud ( microservices, serverless etc ) and not delay it further.” InfoWorld piece: They keep talking about hybrid cloud, but what does that mean here? Just “we use multiple cloud types/providers,” or one application running across different clouds? “As part of the deal, VMware will be AWS’s preferred private cloud partner and Amazon will be VMware’s preferred partner in the public cloud.” Some MSP action: “One of the key differences between this deal and the one VMware announced with IBM in February is that this service is being offered and managed by VMware.” “Interested customers can request access to the service’s private beta starting Thursday, but VMware doesn’t expect the service to be live until early next year. General availability of VMware cloud on AWS will have to wait until even later in 2017.” Brief 451 note No data in DevOps Google Devices Roundup, and AI interlude Revisiting the Apple or Google ecosystem question. I hate having to think about ecosystems when buying electronics. And AI. Walt Mossberg Thinks Siri is Dumb Wired Interview with Obama - dude knows AI. BONUS LINKS, not covered in podcast Container Madness! Nothing much new, just content to riff on Microsoft shipping Commercially Supported (CS) Docker Engine Red Hat and containers - relabel, transitioned from originally a PaaS to CaaS. DockerCon coming to Austin Opentracing joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announcement Open tracing Luke transitions to new Puppet CEO Luke’s announcement in Twitter Luke is one of the main people who started all this stuff, based on annoyance of BladeLogic, cfengine, etc. Did I ever tell the one of how I did a terrible sales job getting Reductive Labs signed up with RedMonk? The new dude looks like the real deal of enterprise infrastructure. Recommendations Matt: Warren Ellis’ Normal - From his latest newsletter “What science fiction, as a field, is good for, is looking at ten thousand possibilities at once," Zapp Branigan reading Trump quotes Brandon: Slate Plus. Also, Harry’s Blades. Coté: iPhone 7 Plus. Live Photos, Rotate mode, Bokeh stuff actually in beta, Home button takes getting used to, Two speakers is better?

 Episode 74: Being a tech evangelist, with Bridget Kromhout | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: Unknown

This week it’s just Coté and Bridget talking about tech evangelism, business travel, and other fascinating topics deep in the boiler room of whatever it is we do around here. Listen above, subscribe to the feed (or iTunes), or download the MP3 directly.Special Guest: Bridget Kromhout

 Episode 73: “My pants are full of brisket,” Apple updates, & Oracle storms the AWS castle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Apple has put out three new things - the phone, the watch, and the OS - which we discuss. And then Oracle announced it's destroying Amazon, which is fun. We start it all off with a word-salad of the usual nonsense and deodorant talk. Listen above, subscribe to the feed (or iTunes), or download the MP3 directly. With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté. SPONSOR Check out for free books, free cloud time, etc. Come to DellEMCWorld on Oct 18th to 20th, in Austin. I'll be speaking there. There's also the annual vBBQ event, Oct 17th at the Salt Like. Pivotal is sponsoring (check out my CORPORATE AMEX, BITCHES!). Come to it, it's mostly free-ish. For more DevOps awesomeness, join the Chef Community Summit, October 26th and 27th in Seattle, WA. This Open Space event provides a great opportunity to connect with the DevOps Community and Chef Engineers over two days of engaging sessions and hallway discussions. Bring your ideas, passion and excitement for Chef and DevOps to this highly interactive event. Go to to register for this awesome event and use the code PODCAST to get 10% off your ticket! Show notes Wordpress Talk Pantheon Dreamhost WP Engine macOS Sierra Try rebooting. Can't get Apple Watch thing to work. Bartender broke-dick. What have you done for me lately, FREE SOFTWARE? (Just freed up 15 gigs of space with the storage optimizer, so, there's that.) Also, ordered a ~$1,000 phone today. JESUS! Another way to find big files on OS X. YubiKey support for OSX Oracle is gonna cream AWS. Wait, wut? Lydia has a good write-up. She's a bit wry, you know. This is like the 3rd or 4th go at it. To be an apologist: doing cloud is freakin' hard. Maybe Oracle should try being less of a jerk rhetorically though? It's help with their credibility. Ben Thompson is on the case BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show. This week in tech PE Vista Equity Buying Infoblox for $1.6 Billion Microservices - Please don't Maybe microservices ain't all they're cracked up to be 5 "truths" (spoiler, maybe not) It keeps the code cleaner It's easy to write things that only have one purpose They're faster than monoliths It's easy for engineers to not all work in the same codebase It's the simplest way to handle autoscaling, plus Docker is in here somewhere This piece by my man Kenny is ball-exploding awesome. Too Old to Code? Tim Bray is old and codes. "That's fine for you, Marge, but I used to rock and roll all night and party every day. ... Now I'm lucky if I can find half an hour a week in which to get funky.". – Homer Simpson Recommendations Brandon: Reminders App Matt: Usual Suspects; also, my wife’s blog Coté: Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets, Red - $37.90 at Amazon: only 16 left in stock! GOOD PRICE! Also, don’t get Fantastical...if you’re like me.

 BONUS: DevOpsDays DFW, with ADO and The Food Right Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

At DevOpsDays DFW, Coté recorded a joint-podcast with Arrested DevOps and The Food Fight Show. Along with some local guests, we discuss the event, DevOpsDays, and computers in North Texas.


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