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killbot, DESTROY!! VideoCasts

Summary: A videoblog of various events, interesting encounters, music, etc. from Nagoya, Japan. Check out for more stuff!

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  • Artist: Alexander Hadjidakis
  • Copyright: copyright 2005 alexander hadjidakis


 PhotoCast o4: Kyoto Kouyou | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: Unknown

These go along with the third videocast, o3: Kyoto Compilation. The photos were taken at Kinkakuji, Gion, and KiyomizuDeru. You can also find some panoramas at:

 PhotoCast o3: J-Punks | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: Unknown

Here's the photoshoot to go along the PunkCast. Four of the photos are from the festival, and the others were taken the same day during the walk to Osu.

 PhotoCast o2: Photography Portfolio | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: Unknown

Misc. photography from the recent and not-so-recent past. Most of the photos shown here can also be found at:

 PhotoCast o1: Polaroids of Nagoya | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: Unknown

Random polaroids taken around Nagoya. My goal was to make simple images with aesthetically pleasing shapes.


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