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Summary: pure death


 Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 4, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 4, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Iron Maiden-The Longest Day 4)Children Of Bodom-Aces High (Iron Maiden) 5)Atheist-Piece Of Time 6)Nocturnal Rites-Never Die 7)- 8)Bane-Wasted on the Young 9)Dodsferd-The Dead Have No Speech For... 10)Circle of Animals-No Faith 11)Slauter Xstroyes-The Stage 12)- 13)Unanimated-Blackness Of The Fallen Star 14)- 15)Ceremonial Worship-04 Opus Blood 16)Am Himmel-03 The Virgin Wages Celestial War In The Seraphim 17)Sedimentum-03 Suppuration Morphogénésiaque 18)- 19)MANTICORE (Ohio)-04 Empty Eyes, Hollow Temples 20)Rotheads-04 Gore Coffin 21)False Gods-Ghost Story 22)- 23)Kryptamok-2 - HÄVITYKSEN ENSIMMÄINEN ASKEL 24)MORRIGAN (Germany)-05 Feoladaire 25)Alex Nunziati-She Is The Evil 26)- 27)Mordeth-In Direction Of Nothing - track 3/5 28)Parricide-Bodiless Concealed 29)Lividity-Immortal Impact 30)Massacra-Nearer To Death 31)- 32)Dethklok-Bloodtrocuted 33)Dysentery-Bound By Disease 34)Cephalectomy-Shroud of Mysticism 35)Insect Warfare-Human Trafficking 36)From a Second Story Window-For Those Lost 37)- 38)Psyopus-Mannequin 39)On Thorns I Lay-If I Could Fly 40)Nhibitions-Stasis 41)Servants of the Sword-Violently Consumed 42)- 43)Slaughter House-Wasting Away 44)Malevolent Creation-Remnants of Withered Decay 45)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - May 30, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - May 30, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)There Were Wires-Black Magic Rabbit 4)Pailhead-No Bunny 5)Lawnmower Deth-Sumo Rabbit His Inescapable Trap Of Doom 6)Stray From The Path-Dead Rabbits 7)- 8)CADAVERIC INCUBATOR-10 Conceived in Filth 9)Impaled-The Dead Shall Dead Remain 10)Gorelord-Maggots Impaled 11)Autopsy-Hole in the Head 12)- 13)Demilich-The Chamber of Whispering Eyes 14)High Command-Impaled Upon the Gates 15)Antropomorphia-The Mourned and the Macabre 16)- 17)Atramentum (UK/Egypt)-03 III 18)ORNÆMENTAL SHINE-Numinous Presence 19)- 20)CONSECRATION-These Fleeting Memories 21)Thromdarr-Winter of Flames 22)- 23)-S--Piorunoschron 24)Booze Glory-C'est La Vie 25)- 26)Arallu-Evil Has No Boundaries (Slayer Cover) 27)Blackwych-Metal Mania 28)Beyond Grace-Factions Speak Louder Than Herds 29)Sarvari-Anthem of the Black Knight 30)- 31)SERMON OF FLAMES-Cauldrons of Boiling Piss 32)Verberis-Kaliginous Ascent 33)Possession (Belgium)-A. Anneliese 34)DEFACEMENT-Disavowed 35)- 36)Childhoods End-Out On Your Own 37)Gauze-Shot 38)Dark Ages (USA-WA)-Dark Ages 39)- 40)Carpathian Forest-A Forest 41)Aegrus-Gestalt Of Perdition 42)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - May 16, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - May 16, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Black Dahlia Murder, The-Contagion 4)Abiotic-Souvenir of Skin 5)BENIGHTED-04 Forgive Me Father 6)UNDEATH-03 Lesions of a Different Kind 7)- 8)Artificial Brain-Infrared Horizon 9)Parasitic Ejaculation-Global Decimation (feat. Trevor Strnad) 10)CANNABIS CORPSE-With Their Hash He Will Create 11)Soreption-Engineering The Void 12)- 13)Broken Hope-Rendered Into Lard 14)Dethklok-Go Forth and Die 15)MARE COGNITUM-The First Point Of Aries 16)- 17)Foul Body Autopsy-01 Shadows Without Light - Part One (Original Mix) 18)FLUIDS-02 A2. Gagged 19)Grave Infestation-03 Slaughter, then Laughter 20)- 21)Killswitch Engage-Us Against the World (Live) 22)Helsott-Independence Night ft. Tim 'Ripper; Owens 23)Voimaton-05 Profane Vestige 24)- 25)Frosten-04 With Sigils and Infernal Signs 26)MAGNATAR-Crown of Thorns 27)Yatra-Born Into Chaos 28)- 29)Волчий Источник (AKA Wolf's Source)-06 Дорога одиночества (Road of Solitude) 30)Niden Div 187-In the Twilight of War 31)Dead Infection-Hospital 32)Lymphatic Phlegm-Premature Dettachment Of The Normally Inserted Placenta 33)- 34)TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE (PL)-03. Pyromaniac 35)Marthyrium-Leviathan 36)Marduk-Infernal Eternal 37)- 38)Behemoth-Messe Noire 39)Golgotha-Save Me, Kiss Me 40)Adramelch-Fearful Visions 41)- 42)Arvas-05 - Faith Of Negatron 43)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - May 9, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - May 9, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Death-Crystal Mountain 4)Exhumed-Under the Knife 5)Splatterhouse-Hillside Stranglers 6)Psyopus-Insects 7)- 8)Dawn-The Stalker's Blessing 9)EyeHateGod-Shinobi 10)BAT-03 ICE 11)Deathwitch-Angel Execution 12)- 13)Haemorrhage-6.Oozing Molten Gristle 14)Sepsism-punctured internal organs 15)Escuela Grind-05 Incel Circle Jerk 16)academic worms-academic worms - para o seu sonho realizar 17)Napalm Death-Juidicial Slime 18)- 19)NUNSLAUGHTER-NUNSLAUGHTER - This Cross Was Built For You 20)BLOOD-04 BLOOD - Imperator 21)Cauchemar-04 Danger de nuit 22)Final Coil-Waste Yr Time (Quills Trees) 23)- 24)Falamh-Falamh - Aeons Effigy - 02 - Blackened Waves 25)Tox-Give Your Heart To A Lover 26)Converge-Hell to Pay 27)Dead to Fall-Smoke Mirrors 28)- 29)The Sun Through a Telescope-02 - Cro-Magnon Nightmare 30)Úlfarr-06 Part VI 31)Niden Div 187-Genocide 32)- 33)Dead Infection-Haemorrhage Of Uterus 34)Anterior-Scar City 35)Guillotine-Death Penalty 36)- 37)Suns Of The Tundra-Made of Stone 38)Iceburn-Flyswatter - Swatter 39)In Aeternum-Spawned to Crush 40)- 41)Daylight Dies-I Wait 42)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Apr 11, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Apr 11, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Quiet Riot-Metal Health 4)Megadeth-Tornado of Souls 5)Slayer-Angel Of Death 6)Sodom-The Saw Is The Law 7)- 8)Lucy-Hellfire 9)Impure Wilhelmina-By Ravens And Flies 10)The Carrier-Panic Stricken 11)Engineer-Tremors 12)- 13)MIDNIGHT-Necromania 14)Imperial Dusk-The Ancient of Darkened Days 15)Moat Hug-moat hug-black gazer 16)- 17)Sacrilega-03 Rites Of Macabre 18)Law of Contagion-Obsidian Eye 19)Inanna-03 Far Away in Other Spheres 20)- 21)Satan’s Host-Malediction 22)Adventure-Too Far 23)Intolerance (Spain)-03 Beyond the Axis of Truth 24)- 25)SERPENTSHRINE-02 Satanic Rituals of the Perverse 26)Anakim-Casualties of an Ascendant War 27)Senzar-01 - Alderbaran's Shine 28)- 29)Totten Korps-The 7th Blasphemies of Sacred Sacrament 30)Defeated Sanity-Lurid Assimilation 31)Azaghal-Black Legions of Satan 32)MyChildren MyBride-Headshot! 33)- 34)HAMMR-03 Seeping Chalice 35)Arsis-Return 36)LIK-Morbid Fascination 37)Make Them Suffer-Drown With Me 38)- 39)VIVID REMORSE-Malaise (The Culture Of) 40)Oceano-Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh 41)Jesus Piece-Curse Of The Serpent 42)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 28, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 28, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)The Handshake Murders-Mind Bender 4)Misery Index-Reality Distortion 5)Dehumanized-Terminal Punishment 6)Bloodbath-Ominous Bloodvomit 7)- 8)Omnium Gatherum-Nightwalkers 9)Insomnium-Song of the Blackest Bird 10)Wayfarer-Stormcall 11)- 12)The Sun Through a Telescope-01 - You Can't Kill Me 13)Morgoth-End to Temptation 14)- 15)Satan-Twelve Infernal Lords 16)Lifvsleda-02 Lifvspänn 17)THOS ÆLLA-This Firestorm Of Retribution 18)- 19)Pact-The Oracle 20)DISFUNERAL-Eternal 21)DISEMBODY-04-In The Outer Darkness 22)- 23)Silver Knife-01 Ecomimesis 24)Freja-03 Dusk 25)Mosaic (Germany)-03 Teufelsberg 26)- 27)Wormhole-Nurtured in a Poisoned Womb 28)DYING FETUS-Subjected To A Beating 29)Odious Sanction-Tested Sanity 30)Old Man's Child-God of Impiety 31)- 32)Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult-To Enter the Stygian Deathreal 33)AVERSIO HUMANITATIS-06 The Scribe of Dust 34)Isole-Black Hours 35)Falkenbach-Roman Land 36)- 37)Path Of Sorrow-Martyrs of Hell 38)Possessed-Evil Warriors

 Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 21, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 21, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Dying Fetus-Eviscerated Offspring 4)Sordid Clot-Spring Awakening 5)Cephalectomy-Omens of Elder Creation 6)Helgafell-Sullen is the Spring 7)- 8)Deteriorot-Fallen Misery 9)Atrocious Abnormality-Open Wound Penetration 10)Morbid Fear-Broken Hypnosis 11)Scattered Remnants-Draped in Sorrow 12)- 13)Cerebral Effusion-forthcoming cannibalism 14)Infernal Curse-The End Upon Us 15)End of Six Thousand Years, The-Waking the Great Keeper 16)LADIA-BLIND 17)- 18)Bekëth Nexëhmü-03 Blodskammets Guld 19)Aethyrick-04 Winds of the Wanderer 20)Kostnatění-02 Plevne Marşı 21)- 22)Greve-03 Lögnarens Gryning, Svältföddas Bestar (The Dawn of the Liar, The Beasts of the Hungry Born) 23)Spectral Darkwave-05 - The Founding of Man 24)Phobetor-04- One Last Breath 25)- 26)Symphony Of Heaven-To Gaze Upon Destruction 27)Saklas-01 Mastering The Chaos Meditation 28)- 29)Excommunion-Superion 30)Fractal Universe-Withering Snowdrops 31)Gavel-Power Corrupts 32)Slayer-Mandatory Suicide 33)- 34)Deicide-Dead But Dreaming 35)Entombed-04 - When Life Has Ceased 36)Bunker-Todos son espías 37)Betrayel-Scream In Darkness 38)- 39)Doombringer (Poland)-Samhain Melancholia 40)Musty Guts-Hitch or be Hitched 41)Null and Void-Tortured Souls 42)- 43)Sepulcrum-Abruption 44)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 14, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 14, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)The Acacia Strain-Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden cover) 4)Black Sheep Wall-Care By Carcinogenic 5)Ulcerate-Cold Becoming 6)Ed Gein-Unknown Track 7)- 8)Mindrot-Anguish 9)Belfegor-I'll Come from the Four Sides of the World 10)Cerebral Fix-Culte des Mortes 11)Autopsy-Stillborn 12)- 13)Backlash (USA)-No Time For Thinking 14)Damaged-Cold Blood Eraser 15)Anal Blast-Farm Animal Hammer 16)Impregnate Trichomonas-Impregnate Trichomonas - Gutso 17)- 18)Ravenous Dusk-Matriarch Of Hell 19)Consecration-02 - Gut The Priest MMXXI 20)NecroticGoreBeast-03 Obstetric Anthropophagic Feast 21)- 22)Somnent-03 - Despite the Scourge 23)TYR-Sunset Shore (Live) 24)Wolfbastard-03 Hammer The Bastards 25)- 26)Intricated-03 Impaling the Emperor 27)Perveration-03 Dying Taste 28)Stabbing-03 Excrement Sarcophagus 29)Slob-03 Deepwoods Shack of Sodomy 30)- 31)Engrave-Raping the Earth 32)Possession-Shades of Death [Album '95] 33)Muldrotha-The Life That Fails Beyond the Grave 34)Malignant Altar-Usurping the Pantheon Crown 35)- 36)Deicide-Sacrificial Suicide 37)Tetractys-Cold 38)- 39)Ogdru Jahad-Sacred Sodomy 40)THECODONTION-Thecodontosaurus antiquus (The Epitome of Dinosauria) 41)Exciter-Predator 42)Possessed-Restless Dead 43)Malediction-Murdered From Within 44)Centinex-Like Darkened Storms 45)- 46)Axis Disrupt-Open Eyes in a Black World 47)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Feb 7, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Feb 7, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Skinless-Fetus Goulash 4)Immolation-Son of Iniquity 5)Magrudergrind-Inventory Of Flesh 6)NØ MAN-Stop Talking 7)Hummingbird of Death-Hacked To Chunks 8)- 9)Tossed Aside-Never Cared 10)Punch-Planning Is Easy 11)Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Hung from the Rising Sun 12)Maruta-Salient 13)Portrayal of Guilt-Bed of Ash 14)Gristle-Making It All Go Away 15)- 16)Sam Black Church-We Are the Bastards 17)454 Big Block-Held Down 18)Ba'al-TARRED AND FEATHERED 19)- 20)Insineratehymn-02 Visceral Ignominy 21)Evil Shade-03 Beneath the Pentagram 22)DEATHHAMMER-05 Rapid Violence 23)- 24)Beastiality-04 Thy Kingdom Dead 25)Ceremonial Castings-06 Bewitching Black Metal 26)CRYPTUM-03_Dead Celestial Bodies 27)- 28)Black My Heart-We Weren't Brought Up Right 29)Cult of Luna-An Offering to the Wild 30)- 31)Outer Heaven-Decaying Realms 32)Wormhole-Battle Logic Disrupted 33)Exhuminator-Flesh Hungry Homeless 34)Pessimist-Mountain of Death 35)- 36)Blasphematory-Furthest from Salvation 37)Malevolence-Pleasure of Molestation 38)Skelethal-Macabre Oblivion 39)Necrot-Dying Life 40)- 41)Pyrrhon-Cornered Animal 42)Swarm of the Lotus-Seeing Truth 43)Bastard Sapling-The Killer In Us All 44)Apiary-Omnipresence 45)- 46)Abscess-Inbred Abomination 47)Silent Planet-Panopticon 48)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 31, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 31, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Rudra-Malevolent Creed 4)Lazarus AD-Revolution 5)Embryonic Cryptopathia-Virulent Head Wreckage 6)ONSLAUGHT-Lord Of Evil 7)- 8)Autopsy-Keeper of Decay 9)Impaled-Blood Bath 10)Skinless-Tampon Lollipops 11)Dismember-Europa Burns 12)- 13)the Grotesquery-Return to the House of Grotesque 14)Kalmah-Bird Of Ill Omen 15)Orator-Emperor (Disposable Youth) 16)Xternity-Necromantic Prophecy 17)- 18)CAVEAT-Caveat - Alchemy - 04 Black Mirror 19)TYMO-04 Estrogenocide 20)- 21)Dissection-Where Dead Angels Lie 22)Imperial Domain-Where Life and Death Collide 23)Slaying Of Death-Flowing Fire 24)Decent Criminal-Deviant 25)- 26)Etherial Winds-Into The Serene 27)SACRIFIXION-03 Drowning In A Nightmare 28)End, The-The Moth and I 29)Vein-End Eternal 30)- 31)Baht-Neden? 32)Thy Art Is Murder-Dead Sun 33)Vamachara-Beyond Reach 34)Into Another- 35)- 36)Cephalectomy-Shroud of Mysticism 37)Angel Corpse-Phallelujah 38)Virgin Steele-Necropolis (He Answers Them With Death) 39)The Great Old Ones-Of Dementia 40)-

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 24, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 24, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Pretty Little Flower-Threat To Masculinity 4)Shipwreck A.D.-Nereus 5)Pale Mist-Life in the Dead Tree 6)- 7)Power Trip-Acid 8)Superchrist-Old Fast And Hard 9)iron lung-cervical laser 10)Swear To God-Look At Yourself 11)Since the Flood-In My Eyes 12)Skycamefalling-Visceral 13)- 14)Summoning-Old Mornings Dawn 15)Nocturnal Depression-05. Slit my Wrists 16)- 17)Inerth-03 Paranoiac Critical Solitude 18)Det eviga leendet-02 Visage 19)Negativa (Spain)-3. XXV 20)- 21)Trest (Germany)-03 3rd Witch 22)ROTBORN-GENOCIDAL RESOLUTION 23)SCHIZOPHRENIA-Cranial Disintegration 24)- 25)SICKBAY-03 Stench of Death 26)Quickstrike-Pergament 27)Crusade of Bards-Part III - A New World 28)- 29)I Hate Stuart Little-Bringer Ov Plagues 30)Enlightened-Find Her 31)Plague Weaver-06 - Of Quivering Doves 32)- 33)Darkwoods My Betrothed-You Bitter Source of Sorrow 34)Smouldering in Forgotten-Vengeance Of An Evil Eye 35)Skogen-Elders Gate 36)- 37)Exhumed-In the Mouth of Hell 38)Psycho-Transvaginal Mess 39)As We Suffer-Malicious Compliance 40)Deliberate Miscarriage-Exhumed Molested 41)- 42)Keelhaul-Lackadasical Chinese Tubesocks 43)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 17, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 17, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Every Time I Die-The Logic of Crocodiles 4)God Forbid-Weather the Storm 5)Into The Moat-From 1,000 Meters 6)End, The-The Asphyxiation of Lisa-Claire 7)- 8)Fuming Mouth-Vault of the Sun 9)Vein-Doomtech 10)High Command-Impaled Upon the Gates 11)End of Six Thousand Years, The-The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 12)- 13)Dead Eyes Under-Untouchable 14)From a Second Story Window-These Lights Above Us 15)Ion Dissonance-You're Not Carving Deep Enough 16)New Lows-Born And Razed 17)Suture-Those Without Eyes 18)- 19)HAMMR-05 Suspicion 20)Abhoria-The Thorn 21)Thorn (Arizona)-04 Noxious Existence 22)- 23)Interment Ashes-03 I Am Not What I Appear 24)Astrophobos-03 Till Djupet 25)Carathis-Corrupt The Pristine 26)- 27)Old Spirit-06 06 - Freezing Brain 28)Ghost Liar-Gemini 29)Black Death (Cleveland)-Fear No Evil 30)Epoch of Unlight-The Day the Light Hath Died 31)- 32)Dragonne-Dream Forever 33)Fortress-She Gives It All 34)Yskelgroth-The Apotheosis of Apostasy 35)Phantom Limb-Feast 36)- 37)Entrails-Descend to the Beyond 38)Drawn And Quartered-Blood Of A Million Martyrs 39)Frosthelm-02 A Storm of Teeth 40)Dissection-Thorns of Crimson Death 41)- 42)Blood-Ventialtor Integrator 43)Psycho-Name Dropper 44)Cuntscrape-The Veiny Shaft of Justice 45)Visceral Disgorge-Sedated And Amputated 46)Crepitation-G.E.K. 47)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 10, 2022 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jan 10, 2022 - by Rev Aaron1)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle 2)- 3)iRANACH-Like The Eyes Of The Maharishi 4)VIVID REMORSE-Malaise (The Culture Of) 5)Shadows Fall-Somber Angel 6)Cephalectomy-Sanctum to the Ungods 7)- 8)Incrave-The Touch of Death 9)Cannibal Corpse-Shredded Humans 10)Death-Mutilation 11)Nuclear Perversion-05 5. WEAPONS OF MASS PERVERSION 12)- 13)Universally Estranged-07 Internecine Psychic Bloodletting 14)Impetigo-Bloody Pit of Horror 15)Kataklysm-06.Extreme to the Core 16)- 17)Deathcult (Switzerland)-03 Doxology And Putrescence 18)Burned In Effigy-Artorias 19)Depleted Uranium-Depleted Uranium - Origins - 05 - Beta Particles 20)- 21)Sartori-Sartori - Dragon's Fire - 02 - One Distant Heart 22)- 23)Feinstein-Rebelution 24)Liar-Run for Me 25)Boxer-Voy por Soy 26)Wildfire-Natural Selection 27)Abandoned-Unleash The Attack 28)- 29)Maruta-Salient 30)Exhumed-Naked, Screaming, and Covered in Blood 31)Psycho-Dead On A Mountain 32)Rotting Obscene-Absence of Light 33)BONEHUNTER-03 Parasite Eve 34)- 35)Invocator-Forsaken Ones 36)Garbage Disposal-Proximity of the End 37)Pan.Thy.Monium-Untitled 38)Thy Darkened Shade-Revival through Arcane Skins 39)- 40)Old Man's Child-The Dream Ghost 41)Dark Fortress-No Longer Human 42)- 43)Shiver-Clean Slate 44)Genocide-Isolate 45)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 15, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 15, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Gorgasm-Destined To Violate 4)TERATOMA {spain}-Painful Domain 5)Drawn and Quartered-Wiped from the Earth 6)- 7)Nocturnal Rites-Eyes of the Dead 8)Into Eternity-Embraced by Desolation 9)Iron Maiden-02 Children Of The Damned 10)- 11)The Ruins Of Beverast-Daemon 12)Impiety-Legacy Of Savagery 13)- 14)KREATIONIST-Colloque Sentimental 15)HUNTERS MOON-03 Pilgrims Exile 16)Eternity's End-Hounds Of Tindalos 17)- 18)Bone Tower-02 am i conscious 19)ETERNAL EVIL-Minotaur Of Evil 20)Black Crucifixion-Throneburner 21)- 22)Fordom-03 The Uprising of Barbatos 23)Krvna-...To The Targovistean Night 24)CURSE OF DENIAL-Tyrants 25)- 26)Ghost Bath-Golden Number 27)Human Fortress-The Blacksmith 28)THE MACHINIST-As You Lie 29)- 30)Landmine Marathon-Liver And Lungs 31)In Dire Need-The Maudlin Times 32)Pyaemia-Cranial Blowout 33)Sabbat-Dumbstruck 34)- 35)Colossus-Malignant Eye Of Inexorable Ruin 36)Psycho-Animal Boy 37)Dieselmeat-Shooting Daggers 38)- 39)Osiris (NLD)-Mass Termination 40)Legend-The Golden Bell 41)Chainsaw (GER)-Last Fortress 42)- 43)YT-My Way or the Highway 44)Witch Cross-Rocking The Night Away 45)Madam X-High In High School 46)- 47)Pagan Altar-The Black Mass 48)Battleaxe-Thor Thunder Angel 49)Crystal Pride-Silverhawk 50)- 51)Death-Leprosy 52)Pestilence-Chronic Infection 53)Forced Entry-Bludgeon 54)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 1, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 1, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)King Diamond-Halloween 4)Possessed-No Will To Live 5)Nuclear Assault-Too Young to Die 6)Gama Bomb-Legend Of Speed 7)- 8)Oxygen Destroyer-Slaughtering the Guardian Monsters 9)Fleshgod Apocalypse-The Violation 10)Veil of Maya-Lucy 11)I Built the Sky-Wormhole Traveler 12)- 13)Overkill-Believe In The Fight 14)Acid Death-Liquid Heaven 15)Maruta-Devoid Of Allegiance 16)- 17)MORGAL-03 Extermination / Death Penetration 18)Deber-03 Decay 19)- 20)Orgia Nuclear-05 Inocencia Corrompida 21)Witch Fever-Abject 22)DUNGEON STEEL-03 Heavy Metal Tyrant 23)- 24)VATICINAL RITES-Telekinetic Blood Ritual 25)Savage Deity-04 Drenched in Blood 26)HOLY DEATH-A MEDITATION ON WRATH 27)- 28)NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION-Demiurgo del non ritorno 29)Disgorge-Macabre Realms of Inhuman Best 30)Dripping-Temples of Inhumanity 31)Vein-Errorzone 32)- 33)Forgotten Tomb-Bad Dreams Come True 34)Unanimated-Ancient God Of Evil 35)Ascendancy-Forever Desensitized 36)Bal Sagoth-In Search of the Lost Cities of Antarctica 37)- 38)Psycho-Stressed Out 39)Drudkh-Eternal Turn of the Wheel 40)Philosopher-Witnesses 41)- 42)Atrocious Abnormality-Bastard Spawn 43)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle


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