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Summary: pure death


 Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 15, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 15, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Gorgasm-Destined To Violate 4)TERATOMA {spain}-Painful Domain 5)Drawn and Quartered-Wiped from the Earth 6)- 7)Nocturnal Rites-Eyes of the Dead 8)Into Eternity-Embraced by Desolation 9)Iron Maiden-02 Children Of The Damned 10)- 11)The Ruins Of Beverast-Daemon 12)Impiety-Legacy Of Savagery 13)- 14)KREATIONIST-Colloque Sentimental 15)HUNTERS MOON-03 Pilgrims Exile 16)Eternity's End-Hounds Of Tindalos 17)- 18)Bone Tower-02 am i conscious 19)ETERNAL EVIL-Minotaur Of Evil 20)Black Crucifixion-Throneburner 21)- 22)Fordom-03 The Uprising of Barbatos 23)Krvna-...To The Targovistean Night 24)CURSE OF DENIAL-Tyrants 25)- 26)Ghost Bath-Golden Number 27)Human Fortress-The Blacksmith 28)THE MACHINIST-As You Lie 29)- 30)Landmine Marathon-Liver And Lungs 31)In Dire Need-The Maudlin Times 32)Pyaemia-Cranial Blowout 33)Sabbat-Dumbstruck 34)- 35)Colossus-Malignant Eye Of Inexorable Ruin 36)Psycho-Animal Boy 37)Dieselmeat-Shooting Daggers 38)- 39)Osiris (NLD)-Mass Termination 40)Legend-The Golden Bell 41)Chainsaw (GER)-Last Fortress 42)- 43)YT-My Way or the Highway 44)Witch Cross-Rocking The Night Away 45)Madam X-High In High School 46)- 47)Pagan Altar-The Black Mass 48)Battleaxe-Thor Thunder Angel 49)Crystal Pride-Silverhawk 50)- 51)Death-Leprosy 52)Pestilence-Chronic Infection 53)Forced Entry-Bludgeon 54)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 1, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Nov 1, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)King Diamond-Halloween 4)Possessed-No Will To Live 5)Nuclear Assault-Too Young to Die 6)Gama Bomb-Legend Of Speed 7)- 8)Oxygen Destroyer-Slaughtering the Guardian Monsters 9)Fleshgod Apocalypse-The Violation 10)Veil of Maya-Lucy 11)I Built the Sky-Wormhole Traveler 12)- 13)Overkill-Believe In The Fight 14)Acid Death-Liquid Heaven 15)Maruta-Devoid Of Allegiance 16)- 17)MORGAL-03 Extermination / Death Penetration 18)Deber-03 Decay 19)- 20)Orgia Nuclear-05 Inocencia Corrompida 21)Witch Fever-Abject 22)DUNGEON STEEL-03 Heavy Metal Tyrant 23)- 24)VATICINAL RITES-Telekinetic Blood Ritual 25)Savage Deity-04 Drenched in Blood 26)HOLY DEATH-A MEDITATION ON WRATH 27)- 28)NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION-Demiurgo del non ritorno 29)Disgorge-Macabre Realms of Inhuman Best 30)Dripping-Temples of Inhumanity 31)Vein-Errorzone 32)- 33)Forgotten Tomb-Bad Dreams Come True 34)Unanimated-Ancient God Of Evil 35)Ascendancy-Forever Desensitized 36)Bal Sagoth-In Search of the Lost Cities of Antarctica 37)- 38)Psycho-Stressed Out 39)Drudkh-Eternal Turn of the Wheel 40)Philosopher-Witnesses 41)- 42)Atrocious Abnormality-Bastard Spawn 43)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Oct 4, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Oct 4, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Darkest Hour-For the Soul of the Savior 4)Funebre-Redeemed from Time 5)Obituary-Paralyzing 6)Massacra-Traumatic Paralyzed Mind 7)- 8)Hour of Penance-SEALED INTO ECSTASY 9)Abomination-04 Redeem Deny 10)HELLVETRON-Titahion- Foul Eaters of the Clay of Death 11)Kreator-Terror Zone 12)Age Of Ruin-Cracks In The Mirror 13)- 14)Hesitation Wounds-New Abuse 15)IMPURE CONSECRATION-Succumb to Impurity Fire 16)Tomb Mold-02 Bereavement of Flesh 17)- 18)Infrared-[Infrared] - From the Black Sw 19)CroMagnum-Born Free 20)ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJA-Harbinger (Of The Fallen Hearts) 21)Aussichtslos-03 Ertränken 22)- 23)Fathom Farewell-2. Fathom Farewell - Eulogy - Kraken (EP) 24)KOLOSSUS-Heartless Horned Kings 25)Eternal Silence-04 Eternal Silence - Heart of Lead 26)- 27)Zetar-03 Demons of Darkness and Air 28)Conjureth-06 Black Fire Confessions 29)DEATHCVLT-Eternal Darkness 30)- 31)Witherscape-Rapture Ballet 32)Caligula's Horse-03__Caligula_s_Horse_-_Firelight 33)Marduk-Echoes from the Past 34)- 35)Sunlights Bane-Dance of Thorns 36)INFERA BRUO-05 - MINING SHADOWS FOR UNLIGHT 37)CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT-03 Revelations of Dark Crafts 38)Aversio Humanitatis-06 Spears of Unlight 39)- 40)Overthrust-Suicide Torment 41)Fleshless-Exhumed Brutality 42)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Sep 13, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Sep 13, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Omnizide-Dead Planet 4)Wormhole-Genesis Chamber 5)Cycryptic-Teratogenesis 6)UNDEATH-05 Acidic Twilight Visions 7)- 8)Ahab-Fathoms Deep Blue 9)MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY-The World Tree Burns To Vapour 10)Four Question Marks-Logical Regress 11)Sunlights Bane-I'm the Cold Harsh Wispers in Hell 12)- 13)Eyehategod-Flags and Cities Bound 14)BLOOD INCANTATION-Hovering Lifeless 15)- 16)Hideous Death-02 Master of Damnation Fires 17)Iskandr-02 Bloeddraad 18)Criminal-Zona De Sacrificio 19)- 20)Azazel-03 Welcome to Church Bizarre 21)Cosmic Burial-02 Alpha Bootis 22)Wooden Throne-03 Withered at Sunrise 23)- 24)Caveman Cult-05 Plunder and Bondage 25)Triacanthos-03 Apotheosis 26)Malignament-05 Unforgiving North 27)- 28)Gortuary-Splatter Fecal Matter 29)Obscene-All Innocence Burns Here 30)MIASMA-Schizophrenia? 31)Knocked Loose-Guided by the Moon 32)- 33)God's Hate-Mass Murder 34)Nuclear Winter-The God Without Shadows 35)Sepulchral Voice-Killer Instinct 36)Megaslaughter-Raise The Dead 37)- 38)Ghoul-Soon They'll Scream 39)Virgin Steele-Fight Tooth And Nail 40)Fermento-Eugenic Saprogen 41)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Aug 30, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Aug 30, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Every Time I Die-Emergency Broadcast Syndrome 4)Acacia Strain, The-Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk 5)Knocked Loose-Forget Your Name (feat. Keith Buckley) 6)Gridlink-2 The Last Raven 7)Cruel Hand-Dead Weight 8)- 9)Uada-01 Djinn 10)Fórn-Dolor (Part I) 11)The Sun Through a Telescope-02 - Cro-Magnon Nightmare 12)Ablaze My Sorrow-Rise Above The Storming Sea 13)- 14)Sarcófago-Crush, Kill, Destroy 15)Internal Bleeding-Driven to Conquer 16)In My Sorrow-Over My Shattered Heart 17)- 18)Fustilarian-03 Irreversible Cessation 19)Grim Fate-From Ancient Slumber 20)Aversio Humanitatis-03 The Presence in the Mist 21)- 22)Ichor-Broken Land 23)Gravedäncer-Diabolic Possession 24)Sarcofagus-02 Deadly Game 25)- 26)Journey Into Darkness-05 Impossible Universe 27)Ctenizidae-03 Shrine of Necrophagia 28)- 29)Wraith-War of Agression 30)((Thorlock))-2 Man Will Lose 31)Nadja-No Cure for the Lonely 32)Sudden Death-Cancer of a world condamned to die 33)- 34)Converge-Murk Marrow 35)Pulling Teeth-Bleeding To Death 36)WAKE-WAKE 01 Low Life 37)Sheol-Deluge of Tehom 38)- 39)Zyklon-Storm Detonation 40)Possession-Beyond the Grave [unrel. Demo '95] 41)Goreworm-Trepidation 42)Natur-The Contract 43)- 44)Rabid-I Like Saturday 45)King Parrot-Dead End 46)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Aug 9, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Aug 9, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Light Is the Language-Do You Wanna Play Bloody Knuckles 4)Nights Like These-Ghost Town Rituals 5)The Acacia Strain-Was 6)War From A Harlots Mouth-05 Architects Of Destruction 7)- 8)Backstabbers Inc-No Man's Land 9)The Handshake Murders-The New Human 10)BLACK SHEEP WALL-White Pig 11)HORSEBACK-The Golden Horn 12)PRIMITIVE MAN-Antietam 13)- 14)Steelwing-05 Architects Of Destruction 15)- 16)NUNSLAUGHTER-05 Red is the Color of Ripping Death 17)Dead Soul Alliance-03 Mental Comatose 18)Infesticide-02 Infesticide - Blackfire Permeate 19)- 20)Summoner's Circle-03 Summoner's Circle - Chaos Vector - Vessel 21)The Blood of Christ-Moonshroud 22)Fluisteraars-01 Het overvleugelen der meute 23)- 24)Anaal Nathrakh-Virus Bomb 25)Schizogoat-Schizogoat 02 - Necrowar 26)Graveland-02_Hour of Ragnarok 27)Septage-02 Perpetual Fetid Odor 28)- 29)Summoning-The Shadow Lines Frozen On The 30)Life Neglected-I Am the Blood in Your Veins 31)Diathra-Mysterious Season 32)Horizon of the Mute-Cimmerian Skies 33)- 34)Centurias-Ninja 35)Cobra-Dying Man's Song 36)Narcotic Wasteland-The Shackles Of Sobriety 37)Insidious Disease-Conceived Through Hate 38)- 39)Neverfrost-Carnival Forest 40)Black Beast-Your Cold Grave 41)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Aug 2, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Aug 2, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Funebre-Necropolis Discomposure 4)Necrovore-01 Mutilated Death 5)Demoniac (SRB)-Heavenly Tigers 6)Hellion (ARG)-Asesino de Metal 7)- 8)Kalmankantaja-Kasvoton 9)Malakhim-Merciless Angel of Pestilence 10)Suntorn-Hell On Earth Is Home 11)Aetherius Obscuritas-The Moon Shield 12)- 13)RITUAL BLADE-Circles Disconnect 14)TORN IN HALF-Lord of Suffering 15)- 16)Ashen-02 Mass Cremation 17)Hexenklad-Huginn and Muninn 18)Nuclear Revenge-3. March Of The Undead 19)- 20)One Morning Left-Drowned God 21)TheCityIsOurs-COMA 22)VREXIZA-02 Hürtgenwald 23)Omenfilth-06 Omenfilth - Conjurers of the Pestilential Storm 24)- 25)Wald Krypta-02 Possessed By Nothingness 26)NIGRUM PLUVIAM-02 A Catharsis for the Wretched Carrying the Divin 27)- 28)Xibalba-Con Amor 29)WORMED-Neomorph Mindkind 30)EXPUNGED-03 Torn Apart 31)Trigger The Bloodshed-Sanctuary Of The Wretched 32)- 33)Raging Fire-Victim (Of Leather, Whips and Chains) 34)Stormwind-Warlord 35)House Of Lords-One More 36)Jewel (JPN)-Crazy Night 37)- 38)COSMIC VOID RITUAL-Leaking Alien Sacrelige (Surgical Entropy Pt I) 39)Aosoth-Teaching/Erasing 40)Macabre-Slaughter House 41)- 42)Bloodcrown-Angel of the Plague 43)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 26, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 26, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Rudra-There The Sun Never Shines 4)Crimson Moonlight-Thy wilderness 5)Ammit-Pact With The Devil And Empty 6)Narnia-Innocent Blood 7)- 8)Job For A Cowboy-Knee Deep 9)Knocked Loose-The Gospel 10)Bloodbath-So You Die 11)TALES OF BLOOD {france}-You Die Next 12)Blood Spilt As Water-Pathological Disgust 13)- 14)Death-Open Casket 15)Obituary-Threatening Skies 16)- 17)EXPUNGED-04 Drown in Fire 18)Decrepisy-02 Emetic Communion 19)Baxaxaxa-04 KINGDOM ABLAZE 20)- 21)Tombstoner-Fractured Souls 22)Netherbird-02 Towers Of The Night 23)Ixtlahuac-04 Nahuallotl(Magia) Negra 24)- 25)Flame, Dear Flame-05 The Wolves and the Prioress Part II 26)VENUES-Shifting Colors 27)- 28)Metal Church-Cannot Tell A Lie 29)Razormaze-King Of The Speed 30)Eminence-The God Of All Mistakes 31)Philosopher-Surgery Required 32)- 33)Sickening Horror-Transmutation 34)Kreator-Total Death 35)Creation Of Death-By Truth, By Love 36)Parricide-Inhuman Condition 37)- 38)GENERAL SURGERY-Cauterization Frenzy 39)TOMBS-Path Of Totality 40)Horde Casket-Nocturnal Transformation 41)- 42)Abscess-Aching Meat 43)Oblivionized-Cycle of Deprivation 44)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 19, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 19, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Airwolf-Through The Fire 4)Autumns Bleeding-Never Bow Down 5)Nasty-Menace 6)CRUCIFIED MORTALS-Desecrating The Dead 7)- 8)Iron Maiden-Alexander The Great 9)Aversion to Mankind-Suicidology 10)Ire Wolves-Nothing Left 11)Power Trip-Firing Squad 12)- 13)UNDEATH-07 Kicked in the Protruding Guts 14)GATECREEPER-Rotting As One 15)Iron Reagan-Burn for This 16)Aversions Crown-Hell Will Come for Us All 17)- 18)Dark Psychosis-Profane Hallucinations 19)Lekamen Illusionen Kallet (LIK)-Helgedomens Dodsportar 20)Die Apokalyptischen Reiter-Amma Guru 21)Gnosis-03 Excite the Tempest 22)- 23)SHRIEKING DEMONS-3. Unspeakable Rites 24)Crypt Crawler-03 Force Fed to the Dead 25)ARNA-03 Dolmen 26)EXIL-06 DEAR LANDLORD 27)- 28)Vassago-04 Fire of Satan 29)Red Fang-Arrows 30)Defocus-Immerse Me 31)- 32)Halo Suffocation Machine-Coma 33)Cult Of Fire-Z Jícnů Propastí 34)Axamenta-Moist Teutonicus 35)- 36)Psychrist-The Abysmal Fiend 37)Oral-Dodens Hand 38)Galar-Bokens hymne 39)Bal-Sagoth-Behold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens! 40)- 41)Crisis Of Faith-Ecological Business 42)Brother's Keeper-Worst Spot in the Van 43)Jesus Piece-Coward's Way 44)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 5, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Jul 5, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Galadriel-Immortal Visions 4)Skyforger-Warlord of the Night Sky 5)Morbid Angel-Damnation 6)Dual Edge-Knock 'Em Alive 7)- 8)Crystal Pride-Silverhawk 9)Cromlech-Soul Rot 10)Landmine Marathon-Xenocide 11)Isacaarum-Rhythmic Balls 12)- 13)Evocation-… For Victory 14)- 15)AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN-AAFCC - ETERNAL - 05 - This Small Space You Occupied Is So Empty Now 16)Abiotic-Covered the Cold Earth 17)Aborym-The End of a World 18)Swarm of the Lotus-Strength of Inner Eyes 19)- 20)Severance-Damned at Birth 21)Intense Hammer Rage-The Promise of Horror and Wors 22)Dishammer-Werewolves On Wheels 23)Depressor-Dragged To Hell By Angels 24)- 25)CRIPPLE BASTARDS-Agony of a Reformed Band 26)NOISEAR-Blackout 27)Mutilator-empire of lies 28)ROTTEN SOUND-Ritual 29)Sadistic Mutilation-Forensic Pornography 30)Maleficarum-Always Suffering 31)Angeles del Infierno-Si tu no estas aquí 32)- 33)Omen-Dragon's Breath 34)Prion-Mediocre Man 35)Supuration-The Cube 36)Pyaemia-Blood Spewed In My Face 37)- 38)Kraanium-Sodomize Lazerate and Murder 39)Desaster-03. The Swords Will Never Sink 40)Asaru-Blood For The Cross 41)- 42)Deadlock-Temple of Love 43)Bewitched-Black Burning Hatred 44)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - May 24, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - May 24, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Vio-lence-Kill On Command 4)Dismember-Where Angels Fear to Tread 5)General Surgery-Cauterization Frenzy 6)CADAVERIC INCUBATOR-08 Swarming Decay 7)- 8)Blood Incantation-03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2) 9)Demilich-Sixteenth Six-tooth Son of Fourteen Four-regional 10)Nocturnus-06 B,C, - A.D. 11)Hypocrisy-Inseminated Adoption 12)- 13)Lamentation-Self Destruction 14)Doom Snake Cult-05 Doom 15)Genocide-Faint 16)- 17)Cirith Ungol-Route 666 18)Ritual Effect-Recoil 19)Archaeopteris-02 Songe Halluciné 20)- 21)Pantheon-4. Pantheon - Ages of Wolves - Lust of The Beast 22)IRAE (Portugal)-02 Part II 23)SEANCE OF...-04 4 24)- 25)The Day of The Beast-Indisputably Carnivorous 26)Draemora-05 Draemora - Death Rectangle - What You've Become 27)Kriegszittern-04 Yellow Cross 28)- 29)Vader-Sothis 30)Shiver-Daylight 31)Disembodied-Devil's Grin 32)Enslaved-Flight Of Thought And Memory 33)- 34)Blackguard-The Hunted 35)Ophiolatry-Chaos Domination 36)HATE-Demigod 37)Inferia-The Place was Full of Bodies 38)Mannix-Father in Darkness 39)- 40)Mekong Delta-Confession Of Madness 41)Disgorge-Purifying The Cavity 42)Excidium-Nuclear Death 43)- 44)Destruction-Front Beast 45)Chain Of Strength-True Till Death 46)DrugxTest-You Failed 47)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - May 17, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - May 17, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Black Sabbath-Turn Up the Night 4)Dio-Hunter of the Heart 5)Witches-Black from Sorrow 6)Gatecreeper-Sick of Being Sober 7)Leeway-Enforcer 8)- 9)Warlord-Aliens 10)Darkness-Death Squad 11)Blood-Linear Logical Intelligence 12)Abominator-05 Sepulchral Vomit 13)Xibalba Itzaes-08 Itzam Cab Ain Katun 14)- 15)Ancient-Willothewisp 16)Patriarch-At The Warlord's Command 17)- 18)Fuming Mouth-Master of Extremity 19)BELETH-Cries Of The Fatherless 20)Phobia (Norway)-03 The Last Settlement of Ragnarok 21)- 22)Lycanthro-Mark of The Wol 23)WINTER ETERNAL-03 The Illusive Wings Of Death 24)Passéisme-04 Chant for Insolence 25)- 26)FLUIDS-03 EMPATHY SHED 27)Vulture-Count Your Blessings 28)OBSOLETE THEORY-The Vanished 29)- 30)Kill The Imposter-False Prophet 31)Konkhra-Necrosphere 32)Nephasth-Conceived By Inhuman Blood 33)Defecation-Vestige Of Earthly Remains 34)Stortregn-Between Shadows And Souls 35)- 36)Necrophiliac-Infernal Majesty 37)Candlemass-A Sorcerer's Pledge 38)Protector-Lost Properties 39)Abhorrence-Hellish Annihilation 40)- 41)Razor-Great White Lie 42)Mirage-Punisher 43)- 44)Deathbreaker-Blackout 45)Adorned Brood-Farewell 46)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - May 3, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - May 3, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Overkill-Deny the Cross 4)Megadeth-Looking Down The Cross 5)Iron Maiden-06 Run To The Hills 6)The Acacia Strain-Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden cover) 7)- 8)The Black Dahlia Murder-The Wereworm's Feast 9)Ion Dissonance-Shut Up, I'm Trying to Worry 10)Into the Moat-A Settling of Ways 11)Hypocrisy-Jesus Fall 12)- 13)Encrimson'd-My Feast 14)- 15)Nightshadow-3. Nightshadow - Strike Them Dead - Ripper 16)AWAKETH-03 Rapture 17)VRITRAHN-WERWOLF-03 LORD OF ALL EVIL 18)- 19)Kardashev-Snow-Sleep 20)Ad Nauseam-Inexorably Ousted Sente 21)Goats of Doom-04 Armon varjot 22)- 23)Ascète-03 Courroux du Lébérou 24)ACAUSAL INTRUSION-Qabbalistic Conjoining Existence 25)The Flight of Sleipnir-05 Harvest 26)- 27)Withered-Dichotomy of Exile 28)BLAZE OF PERDITION-3. Weight of the Shadow 29)Black Funeral-Mourns a Lengthening Shadow 30)- 31)Bloodbath-Trail of Insects 32)Suffocation-Jesus Wept 33)Grave-Semblance In Black 34)Dead to Fall-Womb Portals 35)- 36)FORGOTTEN TOMB-Cold Summer 37)Ostrogoth-Full Moon's Eyes 38)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Apr 19, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Apr 19, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Meshuggah-Organic Shadows 4)Vildhjarta-Eternal Golden Monk 5)Dimmu Borgir-Raabjorn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde 6)Hatesphere-Punishable By Death 7)- 8)Memory Garden-Trapped At The Pharaoes 9)Nevermore-Politics Of Ecstasy 10)Humanic Mutation-Pandora's Box 11)Mammoth Grinder-Divine Loss 12)- 13)WITCHING HOUR (Germany)-Sorrow Blinds His Ghastly Eyes 14)HAUNT (U.S.)-04 Ghosts 15)Unleashed-Countess Bathory 16)- 17)Dawn Of End-Glutton For Pain 18)Meridian Dawn-The Moonlit Path 19)Enforcer-From Beyond 20)- 21)Monarch-Monarch - Future Shock - 03 Future Shock 22)Epica-Seal of Solomon 23)Capra-The Locust Preacher 24)The Ember, The Ash-The Colossal Void 25)- 26)Sněť-03 Princip Křížení 27)ŹMIARĆVIEŁY-IV 28)Crucifixion Ritual-03 Ritual Bludgeoning 29)Seven Doors-Cellar Dweller 30)- 31)Celestial Ruin-03 No Quarter 32)Konkhra-Spread Around 33)Forteresse-Le Sang des Héros 34)Gorefest-Tangled In Gore 35)- 36)Quo Vadis-Break The Cycle 37)Zoroaster-Black Hole 38)Shadows In The Crypt-4. Hymnal Choirs Perishing 39)Full of Hell-Digital Prison 40)- 41)Bastard Sapling-The Opal Chamber 42)Pyrrhon-The Lean Years 43)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle

 Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 29, 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Return to the Pit Radio - Mar 29, 2021 - by Rev Aaron1)Ministry-Stigmata 2)- 3)Blood Incantation-03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2) 4)Cephalic Carnage-Invertus Indica (The Marijuana Convictions) 5)Stovokor-Life In Exile 6)Vestigial-Crypt Seeker (feat. Clint Franklin) 7)Wormed-Voxel Mitosis 8)- 9)Obscura-Infinite Rotation 10)Relics Of Humanity-Ani Kihu Alamu 11)TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM-04 - Tenebrae in Perpetuum - L'epoca oscura del... 12)Wasteform-Gori Amos 13)- 14)Osiris-Inner Recession 15)Steelwing-02 Reset, Reboot, Redeem 16)- 17)Phantom Fire-01 Return of the Goat 18)To the Dogs-Prowler 19)Hymnr-Part I 20)- 21)Odal-Schattental 22)PRECARIA-Darkness Is My Light 23)SPECTRAL LORE-Apocalypse 24)- 25)Body Void-Forest Fire 26)Malum (Finland)-02 Messiaan kuolema 27)- 28)AHAB-Red Foam (The Great Storm) 29)The Abominable Iron Sloth-The Id Will Overcome 30)Black Flag-Depression 31)Poison Idea-Cop an Attitude 32)- 33)Trigger The Bloodshed-The Scourging Impurity 34)Fister-Mandatory Suicide 35)Nocturnal Depression-Fjaer (Spring) 36)- 37)Converge-Year of the Swine 38)Cynic-The Eagle Nature 39)RWAKE-Or Die 40)Aversions Crown-The Soulless Acolyte 41)- 42)Banshee-Get It On The Run 43)Sinner-Running Wild 44)Angel Dust-Legions Of Destruction 45)- 46)Abandoned-Killed By Faith 47)Blackwych-Burning down the line 48)Airwolf-Victory Bells 49)- 50)School Of Violence-Reign Of The Clown 51)Barren Cross-Inner War 52)Sabotage-Paranoid 53)- 54)Cacophony-Burn the Ground 55)Legend-The Wizard's Vengeance 56)Dyoxen-Agent Orange 57)Einsturzende Neubauten-Ein Stuhl in der Hoelle


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