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GAMERz Podcast

Summary: GAMERz - Gabe and Dan used to be in a band together. Now they game together. They aren't the most hardcore of gamers, but they try. Join them as they journey into the world of gaming, as long as they don't get too distracted. Twitter @gamerzpodcast.

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 10: Skyrim / Sexy Cats | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 01:04:48

The GAMERz welcome intern Jeremy to the show, talk about Skyrim, discuss the hotness of cats, and delve into the origins of podcasting. Email us at

 9: Modern Warfare 3 / Ravioli | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:38:43

Gabe and Dan rock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, perhaps the most anticipated game of the year. Dan makes Gabe Ravioli. Email us at

 8: Arkham City / Juggalettes | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:36:51

Gabe and Dan discuss Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360), Juggalettes, Bears of War 3, and have a staring contest. Email us at

 7: Dead Island / Lou Reed | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:53:24

Gabe and Dan play Dead Island (Xbox 360), talk porno addiction, and reveal intense details of Lou Reed's secret life.

 6: Street Fighter 3 / Chimps | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:44:23

We review Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition for Xbox Live Arcade, get into heated debates, and discuss the dangers of chimpanzee ownership.

 5: Dungeon Siege III / Frasier | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:41:06

Gabe and Dan put up with Dungeon Siege III for a bit, discuss life altering albums from the early 90's, and Kelsey Grammer stops by for a hot minute.

 4: Bastion / The 'Tooch | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:31:48

Gabe and Dan discuss Bastion for the Xbox 360, discuss the Captain America movie, and revel in the greatness that is - Stanley Tucci A.K.A. The 'Tooch.

 3: Pilotwings Resort / Race Relations | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:35:15

Gabe and Dan review Pilotwings Resort for the Nintendo DS, and things somehow get a little racist. Apologies in advance.

 2: Green Lantern / E3 Wrap-up | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:36:40

Gabe and Dan discuss Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (Xbox 360), and revisit their fond memories of E3.

 1: Duke Nukem Forever / Amish Licorice | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: 00:39:56

GAMERz: Gabe and Dan's first episode! They "review" 3D Realms' Duke Nukem Forever, reminisce about treats from the past, and find themselves.


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