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Summary: I talk to video content producers, filmmakers and people connected with the movies, audio engineers, camera operators, and also people with a camcorder that like to film family events. I talk to organisers of film festivals and actors. Technical and creativity discussions about making movies, films, video and even screencasts.

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 Video20Q Podcast 24 featuring Nic Baisley of Film Snobbery | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Nic runs Film Snobbery and was a delight to listen to in the podcast I know if you are a film buff you will enjoy hearing out chat. shines a spotlight on independent filmmakers and their projects, and gives exposure to great films that would otherwise be ignored by the mainstream media. FilmSnobbery Live! is a web broadcast live interview show that takes an in depth look at the rapidly changing world of indie film. Host and film critic Nic Baisley gets up close and personal with the people at the leading edge of indie film to uncover the stories behind the making of their movies. You can watch it all happen, and participate in our live chat room, every Thursday night at 10 EST/7 PST… a Voice for Indie Film

 Video20Q Podcast 23 Christina Rose actress | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Christina Rose is a totally delightful actress based in New York and Video20Q was lucky enough to get an interview with this extremely talented young woman. This singing, dancing, fighting, acting, piano playing whirlwind is hitting the TV and movie world after having experience on the stage in the touring musical Oklahoma. She is working lately with Gary King on 'Death of the Dead' and 'How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song'. In 'Death of the Dead' which is a horror, comedy action movie, Christina plays Wanda, a sexy variety and a nerdy sort too. High kicks and ninja zombies, does it get any better than that. Christina will be able to better showcase her musical talents, singing and playing the piano in the movie 'How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song' In the interview we talk about using improvisation when acting, and the nuts and bolts of being involved in the movie business. There are funny stories that have Christina relates during the interview and she tells me how she enjoys being an actress in New York. Christina likes to go to premieres of the movies that she is in and enhance the experience for her fans by taking an active involvement in social media. You can find Christina on Twitter and Facebook, so that you can make contact with this incredibly talented actress, singer, dancer, choreographer. It is pretty obvious that Christina has a great future in front of her and has been working hard since leaving college with theatre work and now with the movies and TV.

 Video20Q Podcast 23 Angelo Bell Interview Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Second instalment of the interview with the inimitable Angelo Bell. Talking about experiences of making movies as an independent film director. Legend of Black Lotus is a re-imagining of the story of Mulan. In his story, an Empress gives birth to a dark-skinned child who is prophesied to restore the war-torn kingdom to glory, but must endure the hardships of slavery to achieve her destiny. Extended for one more day, every backer who joins Angelo on Kickstarter to help make Legend of Black Lotus will get a free download of Broken Hearts Club. Broken Hearts Club is a romantic comedy drama wherein an apathetic psychiatrist is force to treat and onslaught of melodramatic love-lost couples, and in the process uncovers the root of his distant behaviour that jeopardises his marriage. For your free download, just visit his profile at Kickstarter . Once you join the growing list of backers you will receive an email, from Angelo with a special link for a digital download of Broken Hearts Club in addition to the perks associated with your donation!

 Video20Q Podcast 22 featuring Angelo Bell (Part 1) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Going to the Movies Angelo Bell is a writer, director and an independent producer in Los Angeles whose professional goal is to develop and create engaging and commercially viable, low-budget films. Angelo is an award-winning filmmaker with two best-in-festival wins for El Ride (as producer) and Until Next Time (as consulting producer and editor). In 2007, he set a record at the Los Angeles International Shorts Festival when four of his films were accepted. I went to see the Knight and day movie at the local movie theatre in Platja d'Aro and enjoyed it thoroughly. But I have to say the screen writer should be shot. If I said to you that I was going to New York and I was looking forward to seeing the homes of the famous actors in Hollywood on the first day of my visit there and on the second day I will check out the cowboys out on the range in Harlem You might think I was stupid or crazy But then US writers think they can get away with having the Streets of Sevilla filled with the Bull running event which everyone knows - or nearly everyone knows - takes place in Pamplona. The whole movie was a stringing together of action sequences that were well shot and made for a engaging movie as evidenced by the number of people that would agree with me that the time goes so quick while watching it. I think if the next movie I see is Shrek then it will be hugely more sensible than was Knight and day. There is poetic licence and the suspension of WTF in the movies and things that have to be so for the sake of the movie but there are some things like the aforementioned Sevilla joke - that should not be messed with so that the film at least tries to have some credibility. That effort of trying - is what it takes for the viewer to have some hope of achieving the suspension of reality to be able to enjoy the movie by believing what is going on for at least the length of the film. What do you think? Does it matter if the result is a very entertaining diversion in the cinema while stuffing yourself with popcorn. News YouTube has increased the limit allowed for the movies posted on there from ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Good news there seeing as I have sometimes found the 10 minutes to be too short for what I wanted to do. The interview with Angelo The first part of the interview with Angelo Bell the Director of films such as Resurrection of Serious Rogers which is The Usual Suspects meets The Professional -- a multi-layered neo noir thriller about an assassin who finds redemption in the eyes of a nanny; a drug addicted FBI agent out for justice, a military hero hungry for revenge and the mystery man who controls their fates. Angelo also made the Broken Hearts Club movie which is a raw relationship drama which after airing at film festivals got broadcast as a series on TV. Angelo is deeply committed to the independent film movement and supports other filmmakers with their creative endeavours. through his blog at He has been quoted in the Filmmaker Magazine blog and writes about DIY distribution, crowd funding and film sales. Angelo’s articles and film reviews can also be found online at, and We had a long chat so I have split this into 2 parts I will publish the second part of the interview with Angelo next week

 Video20Q Podcast 21 Frederick Marx @WarriorFilms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Academy & Emmy nominated Frederick Marx is either clever or lucky or both because he is able to follow his life’s passion and is able to live it every day. His mission as a filmmaker is “Bearing Witness, Creating Change.” Human change, human transformation - one story at a time. There is 'Hoop Dreams' One of the most acclaimed and successful documentaries ever, HOOP DREAMS tells the story of Arthur Agee, William Gates, and their families over a four and a half year period, covering the boys' entire high school careers as they pursue the elusive dream of professional basketball success. It is a three hour documentary following two teenage inner city Afro-American lads to play basketball professionally. Frederick gives back to the film making community to with workshops and talks Speaking topics include: Buddhism and Film What young filmmakers need to know Living a life of mission The role of documentary in social justice The changing landscape of independent film production and distribution - a 40 year perspective Journey From Zanskar and educating your own children Take the Zanskar vow - become a social change agent The necessity of rites of passage and mentorship for youth The 'Journey from Zanskar' was a topic in the interview that Frederick spoke about in more detail. talking about the ordeals of travelling and shooting film out on the trail. He tells us about what cameras he was using and how he had to make do with other cameras when the main camera no longer was available to him. He got inside the lives of the people that were the subjects of the movie as should happen in a good documentary. The monks were able to tell their story to the world with the help of Frederick, who is clearly a talented and intelligent independent film maker. I have to admit I learned a lot listening to Frederick and you will not be disappointed in hearing the podcast

 Mac20Q Podcast 98 Photographer Darren Hull | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this podcast I am talking to Darren Hull who has landed himself a cool job after finishing his Fine Art studies in which he is photographing and videoing wood work products - And he has enough time also to do his own photography. Getting a job these days is hard enough . Handy if you can get one that you love. On top of that he is going to be doing some portrait too. Quite a business man. Darren is a Mac User so although we talk mostly about photography and video in this podcast I think it is still relevant as many Mac owners are into Photography. I mention a photographer in the interview called Dave Hill. He does some amazing pictures and I recommend you have a look at . I also mention Photomatix the HDR photography application and for some excellent examples you could do a search in Flickr for the guy that goes by the name of 'Stuck in Customs' I have a few good HDR photos in Flickr too. I used the tutorial put up by SIC to guide me when I worked on the picture that I took in Dublin by the canal of the ambulance rushing past. And also with the photos of the shack in the French Vineyard. It was late evening when I took those photos and the light was great although I had to hurry to get the shots. Part of getting a good HDR image is to choose a subject and lighting that suits HDR. YOu want something that there is a large dynamic range there with some dark area and also places that will be washed out if you expose for the darker areas in a normal photo. As I say in the podcast I like the more extreme images - I am not concerned too much with lifelike as I am keen to get an exciting looking finished image. I had lifelike while I was there taking the picture, the artist in me wants something extra and I like bold and colourful. I really love the HDR. Seems that I am spending lots more time lately with shooting video more so than with than taking photos and with my guest in this interview it is the same with that. The latest cameras with the video capabilities are pushing many photographers in the direction of video too. Canon 5D and the 7D are excellent for video to the point that there is a huge buzz amongst indie film makers due to the quality of the images that you can get from these new DSLR's. Canon also now have the T2i a lower priced version and even more photographers will be getting on the video bandwagon. Using the Canon 5D to shoot House There was a big thing made out of the fact that the last episode of House was shot with the Canon 5D. One of the things that is so good about video on the DSLR is the depth of field you can get especially with the prime lenses. There are all sorts of extras you can buy to make the DSLR camera more suited to shooting video as well as the variety of quality lenses available. @FIlmutopia and the Lone Gun Manifesto Clive otherwise known as @Filmutopia is a fan of the DSLR because of how easy it is to shoot video in guerilla fashion. You can go to a location and have your actors turn up on scene and do what they have to do in a more improvised way and be done before you know it. Clive has a Lone Gun Manifesto which recommends this way of filming. The idea is that you can film something and have it more natural and real. Out on the street you could be filming something and passers by might not notice. I expect cost has something to do with this also, even though you could certainly still spend as much on the DSLR way as you would with using standard video cameras but you will save money on the setting up of locations. Here are the headlines of Clive's manifesto 1) One DSLR camera, One person, One microphone (The lone gun shoots alone) 2) Strip movie making down to the basics - a camera, a great story and some actors 3) A lone gun never asks for permission to shoot at a location 4) Put something original and honest in front of the camera

 Absurd film trailer of the week | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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Interviews with creative film, movie, video, artists, directors, actors, youtube and anyone with a camcorder that want to create something to be viewed by others. We talk about shooting video , editing, distributing, sound design, and anything that is a part of making video

 Video20Q Podcast 19 Kurt Sasso – Web Comic Guy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Kurt has been podcasting since 2008 and his topic of interest and expertise is Web Comics He has interviewed people like David Reddick who created the Legend of Bill and Star Trek comics Phil Foglio and many other comic artists. This version of the podcast is the short version concentrating on the video end of things. There is another podcast that is quite a bit longer in which Kurt talks more about the worlrd of comics. The reason that Kurt is being featured on the Video20Q podcast is because he told me some of hos plans to extend his podcast with video and is going to do the lone gun video interviews at a comic convention taking place in Chicago. Well not quite lone gun as he will have a friend helping him out with the video. He has an inexpensive JVC camera and will be interviewing artists at the show. Kurt likes the manga and anime influence on comics is a manga fan, comics such as Dragon Ball but grew up with the Marvel style also We also talk a bit about comic influenced movies such as, Sin City - Frank Miller Watchmen - which I have not seen yet but Kurt reckons is too long, dry and painful to watch. Kick ass Movie - story based on comics Moving from tape to a hard drive camera bought a JVC for 600 dollar with a 80 gb HD He is working with a friend called mike to record the interviews at the comic conventions Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame will be at the event also. Kurt is an Audacity user for the editing of audio, he tells me that he loves the Mac and may think of getting one for when he needs to do the video editing. Kurt has been known to make really long podcasts - up to 3 or 4 hours, he was using Talkshoe for the podcsasting but the quality was bad - still uses it for the hosting of the audio podcasts. He was or is a World of Warcraft player and that got him into podcasting since 2008 has done 97 episodes, starting with Here are a few links for those amongst you interested in the world of comics. The Drunken Fools - created by Antoine Gagnon, this is the comic that I'm helping co-write based on my character submission Stubby the guardian angel skunk. Web Comic Planet run by Byron Wilkins it's a combination collective site run by fellow webcomic creators and links through a database over 2200 webcomic sites. This site also has a batch of tutorials and processes for up and coming webcomic authors and artists from veterans in their fields. 1977 The Comic - is Byron Wilkins actual webcomic site. About 1977 in Chicago loosely based on his life. Danielle Corsetto, wonderful person and very active in the community Penny Arcade These two are pretty much the godfathers of Webcomics. They didn't start the community but they have been the most consistent and successful at it. Eldon Cowgur created this and I'll let you decide what you think about Astray 3. Devils Panties - Jeannie Breeden consistently updates every single day without fail for many many years. Johnny Saturn created by Scott Story This comic could easily rival DC and Marvel

 The Weather Station – Film of the Week | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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Interviews with creative film, movie, video, artists, directors, actors, youtube and anyone with a camcorder that want to create something to be viewed by others. We talk about shooting video , editing, distributing, sound design, and anything that is a part of making video

 Video20Q Podcast 18 Paul Shadwell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this podcast I am talking with a friend, Paul Shadwell because we have both been lookIng at possible video camera buying solutions. I would love to have the sort of camera that my son has - a Sony EX1 but I wouldn't have the work for it considering the price of it. It is more suited to the professional camera manI already have a Canon Vixia HF100 which does HD video & does a good job of it. My friend Paul has a similar Panasonic camera.What we are both looking for is something in the Prosumer line of video recording devices.I want a camera that has the 3 CCDs so that I get better quality video & also has better controls that you can find on the better cameras, like focus & zoom rings on the lens for example so that manual features can be better used to enhance the final video clips.Paul talks to me about his reasons for wanting a Prosumer camera & what he plans to use it for. For Myself I want something that I can capture video for microstock video sites as well as the possibility of doing some corporate work & even some narrative shooting.Because of my needs I did wonder about the DSLR cameras that also shoot HD video such as the Canon 7D & the Canon 5D Mk2 & even the new Canon T2i. Nikon also have DSLRs that will shoot video. Many good things have been said about these DSLR cameras & their abilities to shoot video.If you have good glass on them the video is extremely good quality especially in the area of Depth of field. Some people will use depth of field converters on cameras like the EX1 to get the same sort of resultsOf course though there are some disadvantages too. I think the main one is the lack of good audio input - usually you will only find the 3.5mm jack input. Then you would need to use a juiced link or beachtech pre amp to be able to get good results from connecting a XLR type mic. I have connected an XLR mic to my Vixia though just by using a converter connector cable & for what I do it is OKThe other thing with the DSLR is the length of shot you can take. I think the max is going to be about 12 minutes. If you wanted to shoot a conference or maybe other events which are long then you would come up short. I am leaning more towards a proper video camera like the NX5 or the AX2000 from SonyBut Like i said I have seen many posts & reviews of the latest DSLRs in which the film makers are raving about how good they are.

 Wizardgold & Mac20Q News – Offline and hating it | File Type: video/quicktime | Duration: Unknown

Story of being offline for eight days and without power for 6 days in Spain at the Costa Brava which doesn't normally get weather like that. Trees fallen down, wires down, telegraph poles and pylons down. Me feeling down because I couldn't do the podcasting work I normally do. I also comment on using Kinemac, After Effects, and about learning what Motion can do to make a video animation fly through that could be an intro to the videos I make. This video is made using my new green screen set up in my studio, with the new LED lights I have bought. These lights are work lights that I bought for 25 euro each at Lidl. I got five of them and I might buy another two or three. I used 4 of what I have to light the green screen and the other one to light the subject. I do have one more small video light that is the type you can fit on top of the camera but works well on a light stand as a fill light. I did put some white gauze material over the light to soften the light and I might at some time see about getting some filters to put on them to warm the light up. Not too necessary because it is easy enough to colour correct in Final Cut. Still have to do some more working out to get the set up right but pleased with the results so far. I also mention another Mac in the family. My 70 year old mom sent me a text message to tell me she was buying things in the Apple Store in the Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham. She got a white MacBook and iWork & one on one training to go with it. Tomorrow she will go into the store for them to move her data off her old Windows laptop. Tell me how you would cope without email and power Contact me by email !!

 Film of the Week – Footsteps | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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Interviews with creative film, movie, video, artists, directors, actors, youtube and anyone with a camcorder that want to create something to be viewed by others. We talk about shooting video , editing, distributing, sound design, and anything that is a part of making video

 Video20Q film of the Week. ‘Invasion Of The NOT QUITE Dead’ | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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Interviews with creative film, movie, video, artists, directors, actors, youtube and anyone with a camcorder that want to create something to be viewed by others. We talk about shooting video , editing, distributing, sound design, and anything that is a part of making video

 Film of the Week – Broken Hearts Club | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown
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Interviews with creative film, movie, video, artists, directors, actors, youtube and anyone with a camcorder that want to create something to be viewed by others. We talk about shooting video , editing, distributing, sound design, and anything that is a part of making video

 Video20Q Podcast 17 Jon Reiss | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jon talks to me about his trip to Asia. He is going to Bankok, Sinagapore and Kuala Lumpar to film Graffiti artists about what the do for the follow up to 'Bomb it' the documentary movie about Graffiti. he has also written a book called 'Think Outside the Box Office' which is aimed at film makers working in this new era of getting movies out in front of audiences without the old machinery of the dying on its feet distrubution system that Hollywood has in place.Using social media to build an audience and have a plan to use all the means possible now to get a buzz going around a movie release.Jon made a movie called Cleopatra's Second Husband' A diabolically clever psychological suspense movie. An assured and daring dramatic feature debut for writer-director Reiss. Kevin Thomas LA Times Jon Reiss debut feature is a harrowing yet delicious and often wickedly funny study . . . one of the most unusual power struggles in cinema history. Filmmaker Magazine Fascinating, strange, twisted and f**ed up . . . I’ve never seen anything like it. Juan Morales Detour Magazine An insidiously clever movie, a variation on those creepy 1960s British classics, 'The Servant' and 'The Collector'. John Hartl The SeattleTimes First-time director Jon Reiss evinces indisputable control over his material, which most directly recalls the Pinter-Losey classic “The Servant” in its look at an insidious power shift between unsavory men in a household. Todd McCarthy Daily Variety You can buy the book 'Think Outside the Box Office' from Jon's Blog and it will take you to a page with more information as well as descriptions of all the bonus gifts we provide when you buy the book from our website. Free movie tickets, discounts on distribution services and until December 15th 2 raffles - one for an OpenIndie membership, the other for 3 hours of consultation from Jon Reiss. Plus the book is discounted at $21.95!Other NewsVeoh the video sharing site goes bankrupt and out of business. The first episode of the Graffiti Podcast is available at


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