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 my1voice helps small businesses cut operational costs | File Type: application/pdf | Duration: Unknown

Starting and running a small business can be financially challenging even for well-funded entrepreneurs. That's why it's important to manage and reduce operational costs without compromising on the essentials for a successful company. my1voice is one example of a cost-effective service that adds value without compromise because it delivers all of the features normally found only in large, expensive corporate phone systems. The virtual phone service does away with many of the expenses associated with a typical business phone system. There are no up-front capital expenditures, no maintenance costs, and no support costs. And, there is no guessing regarding which feature set to choose. Some of the ways my1voice helps small business owners control their phone costs are: - Uses an existing phone line. - Choice of toll-free or local phone number. - No IT Costs. - And scalability. The flexibility of my1voice allows customers to add or remove extensions without having to worry about budget. Whether a business is growing or downsizing, there is no cost incurred to make changes to the my1voice phone service. All my1voice customers have access to all features for as little as $10 a month so the only decision to make is how many minutes per month they expect to use the service.


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