Librivox: בחורף In Winter by יוסף חיים ברנר Brenner, Yosef Haim show

Librivox: בחורף In Winter by יוסף חיים ברנר Brenner, Yosef Haim

Summary: This reading is in Hebrew. Yosef Haim Brenner (1881-1921) was a Ukrainian-born Hebrew-language author, one of the pioneers of modern Hebrew literature. Born to a poor family, Brenner grew up in grinding poverty. Brenner immigrated to Palestine (then part of the Ottoman Empire) in 1909. He worked as a farmer, eager to put his Zionist ideology into practice. Later he devoted himself to literature and teaching at the Gymnasia Herzliya in Tel Aviv. He was murdered in southern Tel Aviv in May 1921 in the course of the anti-Jewish Arab riots known as the “massacres of 1921″. Brenner published his second book, "In winter", in 1904. It is a collection of 4 stories about hardships of simple poor Jews living in small towns in Eastern Europe, at the time of anti-Jewish massacres in Russia at the turn of the 20s century. (summary by Wikipedia and Omri Lernau)


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