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Summary: Amazon Wire – An exclusive, biweekly podcast featuring interviews with some of today’s hottest authors, actors, directors and musicians. In the coming weeks, Amazon Wire will feature Ralph Nader, John Malkovich and Dolores O’Riordan

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 Interview with Salman Rushdie | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

Welcome to this last and final episode of Amazon Wire. We’re not really saying goodbye – we’re just re-launching our podcast series in a format that allows us to bring you the same great content in a more specialized way! For book lovers we bring you a brand new podcast from our Books blog, Music lovers will find scintillating artist interviews on our music blog, and movie and television fans will find new podcasts at Armchair To sign up via RSS, visit our blogs at, or… You can also find us on the iTunes store. Now on to today’s show… Salman Rushdie is an Indian-British writer who achieved literary fame with his book Midnight’s Children, and world-wide fame for his bookThe Satanic Verses, which spawned violent protests in several Muslim countries and ultimately brought him serious death threats. As a result, Rushdie spent nearly a decade in hiding, rarely appearing in public. Over the past few years Rushdie has reclaimed his life, and has emerged to receive many top honors for his literary work. He was appointed a Knights Bachelor for his “services to literature”, he began a Distinguished Writer residency at Emery University, and he received the Best of the Booker award, which named Midnight’s Children the best novel to ever win the Booker Prize. Salman Rushdie recently spoke with Amazon’s Daphne Durham and Lauren Nemroff about his latest book, Enchantress of Florence.

 Three Doors Down Interview (Amazon Wire #80 - June 26, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week we're talking to lead singer of American alternative rock band, Three Doors Down about their new self-titled album. This is the band's fourth album after The Better Life, Away From The Sun and Seventeen Days. Music and Movies editor Jordan Thompson interviews Arnold about the band, their latest album and their music in this week's episode of Amazon Wire. Find out how stealing his mother's pots and pans kept the lead singer interested in music.

 Augusten Burroughs Interview (Amazon Wire #79 - June 19, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week we're talking to author Augusten Burroughs about his new book, A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father. Augusten Burroughs is the best-selling author of Running with Scissors, Magical Thinking, Dry and Sellevision. He has been named in Entertainment Weekly's definitive "It List" and has been honored as one of the "15 Funniest People in America". Burroughs blends the fantastic and the mundane in his work, and delivers it in a matter-of-fact style. His writing pokes fun at a variety of subjects to include advertising, psychiatrists, religious families, and home shopping networks. His latest book explores the relationship between father and son, telling a story for anyone longing for love from a parent. Books editor Anne Bartholomew spoke with Burroughs about his latest work.

 Zak Penn Interview (Amazon Wire #78 - June 12, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week we're talking to director, producer and writer Zak Penn about his new movie, The Grand. In this latest venture Penn is behind the camera as the director of an improvisational comedy. Using a handful of actors playing characters competing in actual poker tournament, The Grand stars Jason Alexander and David Cross. Amazon DVD editor Angela Langmann recently spoke to Zak Penn about his work on the movie. Thanks for listening!

 Larry The Cable Guy Interview (Amazon Wire #77 - June 5, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week we're talking to comedian and actor Larry The Cable Guy about his new movie, Witless Protection. When Daniel Lawrence Whitney a.k.a. Larry The Cable Guy isn't touring as a stand-up comedian, he gets involved in movies. He has lent his voice to the lovable tow truck, Mater, in the Disney/ Pixar animated film, Cars. He has also played the lead role in Health Inspector and Delta Farce. Digital Video editor, Stephanie Reid-Simons recently caught up with Larry the Cable Guy. They talked about the small-town Sheriff role he plays in his latest comedy from Lionsgate Films, Witless Protection.

 Paul Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky Interview (Amazon Wire #76 - May 29, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

Greetings, listeners, and welcome to a new edition of Amazon Wire. This week we're talking to musician and author DJ Spooky about his new book, Sound Unbound. From composing award-winning movie scores to producing albums, from mastering the art of turntabling to writing books on the science of rhythm, DJ Spooky has become a world-wide expert on sound. His latest book, Sound Unbound, features his own work as well as writings from other impressive artists such as Brian Eno, Saul Williams, Moby, and more. The book explores the role of sound and digital media in an information-based society. Music editor Lucas Hilbert recently spoke to DJ Spooky about his involvement in Sound Unbound. Please share your comments--e-mail us at Thanks for listening!

 Mario Batali Interview (Amazon Wire #75 - May 22, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week we're talking to author and chef Mario Batali about his new book, Italian Grill. Batali maintains that “the trick to cooking is that there is no trick” and his celebrated cookbooks prove as much. His latest effort, Italian Grill, offers simple recipes and takes the mystery out of grilling smoky and tasty Italian food. He recently discussed technique and more with Books editor Brad Thomas Parsons.

 Richard Price Interview (Amazon Wire #74 - May 15, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week on Amazon Wire we're talking to author Richard Price about his new book, Lush Life, that released in March this year. A common challenge for authors that portray urban life in their writing is how to capture the gritty reality of the streets. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, American novelist and screenwriter, Richard Price, has earned himself extensive literary acclaim for doing just that. Price’s most recent urban crime novel, Lush Life, is set in lower-East Side Manhattan. The story begins with a seemingly random act of violence, but the book’s twists and turns lead readers to an unexpected climax. The author recently spoke to Books Editor, Tom Nissley.

 Mark Pickerel Interview (Amazon Wire #73 - May 08, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week we're talking to singer and songwriter Mark Pickerel about his music and latest CD Cody's Dream. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Mark Pickerel served as the original drummer for Screaming Trees and played for the power trio Truly. He has recorded with a host of reputed musicians including Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, Kurt Cobain and Chris Novoselic of Nirvana. Recently, Mark Pickerel and his band--the Praying Hands--released their second studio album, Cody's Dream on Bloodshot records. Amazon's music specialist Shelby Earl sat down to chat with Pickerel about his music and creative process. Please share your comments--email us at podcastfeedback at Thanks for listening!

 Allan Arkush Interview (Amazon Wire #72 - May 01, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week on Amazon Wire we're talking to director and producer Allan Arkush about Crossing Jordan and Heroes, both of which rank amongst the current most popular TV shows. Arkush's impressive and varied roster of projects also include L.A. Law, Moonlighting and Fame and are in fact some of the most celebrated TV series in television history. He recently spoke with Amazon's DVD editor Leah Weathersby.

 Steve Coll Interview (Amazon Wire #71 - April 24, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

This week on Amazon Wire we're talking to Pulitzer prize-winning author Steve Coll about his book The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century that released earlier this month. In his latest book, the author presents the story of the Bin Laden family's rise from poverty to privilege and how one son's rebellion changed America forever. Among the book's most shocking details is the little known fact that the Bin Ladens owned an impressive share of the America upon which Osama ultimately declared war. Steve Coll has written a fascinating account of the complex cultural and religious times in which Osama and his 34 siblings were all raised. He recently spoke with Amazon's books editor Tom Nissley.

 Ingrid Michaelson Interview (Amazon Wire #70 - April 17, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

Musician Ingrid Michaelson talks about her music and her album Girls and Boys.

 Dan Ariely Interview (Amazon Wire #69 - April 10, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

Behavioral economist, MIT professor and author Dan Ariely talks about his new book Predictably Irrational.

 Katee Sackhoff Interview (Amazon Wire #68 - April 03, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

Actress Katee Sackhoff talks about her role in the sc-fi series Battlestar Galactica as the show nears its final season.

 William Poundstone Interview (Amazon Wire #67 - March 27, 2008) | File Type: mpeg/audio | Duration: Unknown

Author William Poundstone talks about his latest book Gaming the Vote.


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