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Summary: Daniel Chiasson is a solo musician/songwriter who is seeking a recording contract with an independent record label. He is new to the industry and would like independent recording labels to listen his material. Even though he is not established within the industry and that his publicity has just started, he is hoping that a record label might listen, watch and approach him with a contract. Daniel knows it\'s a risk for any recording company to sign in a newcomer, but he is hoping that the label would go to his site from time to time to observe his publicity. Daniel has all kinds of musical pieces in his memory to last him years down the road. Link to Publication: ABOUT AUTHOR Daniel is a musician who is 36 years old. He has 29 years experience as a musician. He has played in many bands, but started playing solo because he liked different styles of music. He plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and many other instruments. His favorite instrument is the guitar. He is happy to see that the people who are listening to his music thusfar are coming back to listen some more with comments. Daniel Chiasson 841 Helen Street Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada E2A 2E6