Lx7.ca - There's something in that square (A/V Podcast) show

Lx7.ca - There's something in that square (A/V Podcast)

Summary: The podcast was born from the online blog of Vergel Evans as a forum to share his music, and the stories behind it. Vergel (me) has had a lot of fun opening the doors on how the tracks are made, as well as why they came about. The podcast is a showcase of his creative talents and the artwork of his friends. Topics covered are mostly related to techno music, video art, and social commentary, this local Toronto artist shares his music and mindset. Show features include interviews with fellow Toronto artists, and video clips of events in and around Toronto related to techno. You might also find a world premier or two of music from himself and other fellow artists. So tune in, check it out,... you just might find it an interesting blend of music and musings.