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Pharmacy Residency Podcast: Residency Interviews and Advice show

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The Pharmacy Residency Podcast, with your host, Tony Guerra, has interviews and advice on building your professional brand, network, and a purposeful second income. Interested in being a guest on a show about pharmacy residency? Email me at The Pharmacy Residency Podcast is part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

By Tony Guerra

The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham show

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham Jay Abraham is widely considered the world's preeminent business growth expert – a mammoth force in original thinking. Certainly, he’s legendary in entrepreneurship circles. Advisor/mentor/masterful thinking partner to a wide spectrum of famous/iconic entrepreneurs. Referred to by many as the consultant’s consultant, he has personally advised/counseled over 300 prominent business experts. Jay is a leading authority on global entrepreneurship, with published works in China, Japan, United Kingdom and the former USSR. He is the creator of “The Strategy of Preeminence”, empowering some of the highest value-based companies in the world. Jay has authored best-selling books on a variety of topics that inspire business growth and development. He charges a daily consulting fee of $50,000. He currently has five new books in-process, ranging from one with Shark Tank star, Daymond John, another with the former CEO of Adidas and Speedo, and another with the CEO-Coach to the Department of Defense/Co-Founder of the Harvard Leadership Study. Jay's body of work spans more than three decades and has generated an estimated $9 billion dollars of capital increases - within hundreds of industries. These podcasts contain provocative conversations with many of the world's most successful, inventive and respected entrepreneurs who share fresh facets of their knowledge on How to Achieve Greater Personal/Business/Emotional Wealth Creation. Some of the interviews and conversations are migrated from Jay's national radio program and others are exclusive to iTunes. Inspirational, yet highly actionable, educational and thought-provoking, yet super-logical, these free downloads are co-hosted by Manhattan entrepreneur and veteran broadcaster, Paul Durante.

By Jay Abraham and Paul Durante

Managing, Strategy, Business: David Maister Live videocast show

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Leading global consultant, business author, and former Harvard Business School professor David Maister presents a videocast of highlights from his speaking engagements covering his four main topic areas: Strategy, Management, Client Relations, and Careers.

By David Maister

Entry Level with Brooks Wheelan show

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This is a podcast about all those jobs we've had that sucked. Each episode Brooks will interview a guest and find out what garbage they had to put up with before they got to the position they're in now. Plus if you have any hellish jobs of your own you want to share email

By Brooks Wheelan

Workplace Justice show

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Workplace Justice is a podcast discussing workplace issues. We cover topics and examples of various matters in employment law including pregnancy discrimination, how courts define a hostile work environment, whistleblowing, and everything in between. Workplace Justice is brought to you by the New York City employment and civil rights law firm Nisar Law Group. To talk to an employment lawyer at Nisar Law Group, visit or call 212-600-9534 for a free case evaluation.

By Nisar Law Group

Young Leaders In Technology show

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This is a Podcast for any professionals who are either starting, looking to move into or already working in a leadership position and are looking for tips and advice on on how to be a better leader.

By Young Leaders in Tech

Exito Con FBA Podcast show

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Desde el 2016 he estado vendiendo en Amazon utilizando estrategias como Retail y Online Arbitraje, ventas por mayoreo, etc… y mi meta principal ha sido poder ayudar a personas como Tu a que tengan los mismos resultados en su propio negocio, aprendiendo a crear un negocio en Amazon FBA y como escalar su negocio y poder vivir 100% de tu negocio online, agregando más tiempo para compartir con tu familia.

By Allan Urizar

A Little Bit Better show

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Hosted by Chris Swail, this podcast explores how mindset and small steps can lead to big results, happiness and less stress in our lives. This podcast is perfect for busy, ambitious people who have goals and dreams but feel stuck and overwhelmed and need help achieving their goals or simply how to live a happier, better life or version of themselves. Chris examines the cause and effects of our thoughts, our actions and inactions, our habits and how they relate to how we live our lives.

By Chris Swail

Der Jobcoach show

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Der Business-Coach Mathias Fischedick gibt dir in seinem Podcast »Der Jobcoach« praxisnahe Tipps, wie du besser mit deinen Kollegen zusammenarbeitest, wirkungsvoller führst und mehr Freude bei der Arbeit hast. Dieser Podcast ist der Richtige für dich, wenn du Motivation und Inspiration brauchst, um noch souveräner und erfolgreicher in deinem Job zu werden - Ganz nach der Devise »Das Leben ist zu kurz, um nur einen Tag frustriert zur Arbeit zu gehen!« Mathias Fischedick hat 15 Jahre Praxiserfahrung als Führungskraft in internationalen Medienunternehmen und begleitet seit 13 Jahren Menschen aus allen Branchen und Hierarchieebenen als Jobcoach und Trainer. Er ist SPIEGEL-Bestseller-Autor, Speaker für Firmenveranstaltungen, von seiner tägliche Radioserie »Überleben unter Kollegen« wurden bisher über 500 Folgen ausgestrahlt und mit seiner Edutainmentshow »Überleben unter Kollegen LIVE« ist er auf Bühnen in ganz Deutschland zu sehen. Weitere Infos zu Mathias Fischedick findest du hier:

By Mathias Fischedick - Der Jobcoach

The Sales Energizer show

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'Your Daily Dose Of The Deej' from Dan Jourdan AKA "The Sales Energizer" is a podcast like no other! Each episode you receive real life examples, practical skills and training expertise that will help generate an incredible pipeline of profitable new clients. Dan gives you the fundamental steps in order to determine the difference between the $30,000 salesperson and the $300,000 sales person - it is just the implementation of a few tools, learnable skills, and some special secrets available to you in this podcast. Are you getting ready to give a sales presentation and close the deal? Do you need a few tips and scripts in order to be able to make that call that will change your life? Dial up The Deej!<br><br>This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: <br><br>Chartable -

By Dan Jourdan