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  القرآن الكريم بصوت ميثم ال... : سورة المرسلات | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 00:04:56

سورة المرسلات

 Your Jewish Neighborhood : YJN #211 - 12/19/10 - The Jewish Perspective on Bullying | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:42

YJN #211 - 12/19/10 - The Jewish Perspective on Bullying

 Doors of Deception Radio : Third Watch-Rob Skiba | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:00

Tonight Rob Skiba joins me and my co-host Brian to pick up where we left off last week! We will also be continuing the discussion that Rob and Brian had on Rob's show, The Revolutionary this week regarding binding the influences of the Pleides loosing the bands of Orion. I would suggest listening to Rob's show to get ready for the discussion tonight. Also; we may have a very special "mystery" guest joining us tonight too! You won't want to miss this incredible time of reasoning together as each of us contributes to the "big picture" of the end of days puzzle that so many are talking about right now. See you then,  fellow watchmen on the wall to share what we see from atop the wall on the "Third Watch". Rob's sites: www.seedtheseries.com www.blogtalkradio.com/therevolutionary/ Brian's blog: http://visionsoftomorrow2012.blogspot.com/2011/05/canst-thou-bind-sweet-influences-of.htm  

 OXM ROX Podcast : OXM ROX Podcast #133: Aliens que dan risa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:43

Contradicción en un solo juego

 The 720 WGN News Podcast : 720 WGN News Podcast 5-08-09 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this week's WGN News Podcast, Steve Bertrand talks to Former Alderman Dick Simpson, about the life and legacy of Leon Despres, who died this week at the age of 101. Despres was a longtime City Council foe of Richard J. Daley.

 코리아헤럴드 팟캐스트 : 349회 초고령화 사회 / 코로나19, 심장에도 영향? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:19

[팟캐스트] (349) 초고령화 사회 / 코로나19, 심장에도 영향? 진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer 1. Korea set to be superaged society within 4 years 요약: 한국, 2024년이면 세계에서 여덟번째로 초고령화 사회 진입. [1] South Korea is projected to become one of eight superaged societies in the world by 2024, alongside the existing five -- Japan, Italy, Germany, Sweden and France -- and two other candidates like to ascend -- Canada and the UK. *superaged: 초고령화 *existing: 현존하는 [2] A superaged (or post-aged or ultra-aged) society refers to a nation whose elderly population accounts for 20 percent or more of the entire population (one out of every five people), according to a stipulation by the United Nations. The proportion of seniors, aged 65 or over, came to a fresh high, 15.8 percent in Korea as of March, according to the Ministry of Interior and Safety. *elderly population: 노령인구 *account for: ~을 차지하다 *stipulation: 명문화 [3] The growth of their percentage is steep, given that the nation just became an aged society in July 2017, when the percentage of elderly population posted 14 percent after becoming an aging society in 2000 with the figure surpassing 7 percent. *steep: 가파르다 *surpass: 넘어서다 [4] Though Statistics Korea forecasts that the year of becoming a superaged society would be 2026, there is a high possibility that the timing will be advanced by about two years to 2024. *high possibility: 높은 가능성 *advanced: 앞당겨지다 기사 전문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20200419000051 2. Not just lungs: Coronavirus can damage other organs 요약: 코로나19가 기존에 알려진 폐질환 뿐 아니라 심장질환 및 다른 장기에도 악영향을 끼칠 수 있다는 발표 [1] South Korea reported over the weekend the first case of a heart disease linked to novel coronavirus infection, suggesting the virus most commonly known to cause respiratory distress may have a wider spectrum of complications. *commonly known: 익히 알려지다 *respiratory distress: 폐 질환 *complications: 합병증 [2] In Daegu, Korea’s worst affected city with 64 percent of the total virus tally, a 21-year-old woman without preexisting medical conditions suffered an acute myocarditis from COVID-19. *worst affected: 가장 많은 피해를 입은 *preexisting condition: 기존 질환 *acute myocarditis: 급성 심근염 [3] The young patient initially exhibited typical symptoms of the virus including a cough, sore throat, fever and diarrhea when she was confirmed as a mild case in late February, said cardiologist Dr. Kim In-cheol, who treated her. *initially: 초반에는 *exhibited: 보이다 *typical symptoms: 전형적인 증상 [4] But around three days after being diagnosed, she started experiencing worsening breathing difficulties and had to be taken to the intensive care unit of Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital -- a coronavirus-only hospital for severely or critically ill patients. *experience: 겪다 *intensive care unit: 집중 치료 병동 기사 원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20200419000245

 Escape From Illustration Is... : Episode 29 - Claudine Hellmuth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:51

Episode 29 of the Escape From Illustration Island Podcast features an audio interview with collage artist Claudine Hellmuth. Together we discuss art licensing, workshops, and Claudine's success with carving her own path as a creative professional. For links to some of the things mentioned on the show, visit escapefromillustrationisland.com. This episode is sponsored by Dripbook.com and TheCreativeFinder.com.

 New World Kirtan : The Power of Om | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:18

This week's podcast is a solid hour of the mantra Om, which is not so much a word as "rather an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture and even species." When we chant Om we align our body/mind/Spirit, and we align with each other when we chant Om together. The meaning of Om is big, and it's a sound that validates oneness and harmony. There's really no way to describe the power of this mantra, it's something to experience for yourself. Take the ride, pierce the veil and go deep my friends. Until next week -- Namaste. SONG ARTIST CD Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om Om Brent Lewis, DJ Free & Soulfood Yoga Groove Om Mantra (The Cosmic Yes) Deval Premal & Miten A Deeper Light Om Jane Winther Mantra Om, excerpt Robert Gass Om Namah Shivaya Om Super Powerful ( 1 Hour of Peace), excerpt Nipun Aggarwal Om Super Powerful (1 Hour of Peace) Ultimate Om, excerpt Jonathan Goldman Ultimate Om  

 Tom Green Radio Podcast : Tom Green Radio Promo | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 1:10

A promo for Tom Green Radio

 The Woodsongs Old Time Radi... : WS802: Martin Sexton and Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:00

MARTIN SEXTON is well-known for his incendiary live shows and incredible success as an independent recording artist. In a career spanning over two decades, Martin has a reputation as a musician’s musician. Sexton, an upstate New Yorker, left home with seventy-five bucks and a Stratocaster to chase his musical dreams singing in the streets of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, gradually and independently working his way to the premier venues of North America inspiring fans and musicians along the way. Sexton just released his 8th studio album Mixtape of the Open Road. http://martinsexton.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKGQbr1U4Vs DREW HOLCOMB AND THE NEIGHBORS have established themselves as a formidable indie act, selling more than 75,000 records, playing more than 1,500 live dates, selling-out headline shows. Drew, a Tennessee-born, duck hunting, French speaking, bourbon drinking, 1st edition book collecting, golf playing Eagle Scout with a Masters degree in Divinity from Scotland’s University of St Andrews (he wrote his dissertation on 'Springsteen and American Redemptive Imagination') who has spent the better part of the past decade as a professional musician recording, writing, and touring with his band Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. The group are celebrating their new full-length studio album 'Medicine'. WoodSongs Kid: Reuben Hicks is 12 and from the Red River Gorge area in Slade, Kentucky. He started playing fiddle when he was 5 and recently played with cellist Ben Sollee.

 EdTech Rewind : EdTech Rewind Episode 52 - Covid and Esports (Chattanooga Bitcoin, FTE, Proton Packs, Slimer, and Wilco) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2558

It's been a while. Three years to be exact. Thanks to Dr. Douglas Green retweeting a post by friend of the show, Eric Curts, Clint and Lee have decided to bring it back at it like tech in an attic. Join us, won't you?

 13: The Search For Leigh Occhi : HONEY LOCUST: Episode One | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:20

Until now, JLU's investigation of a haunting disappearance in North Mississippi has been fragmented. Here, for the first time, all findings are brought together in one series. Based on years of research and interviews with involved parties, in addition to historical research, "Honey Locust" spotlights the short life of thirteen year-old Leigh Occhi, and exactly what happened to her. To access the six remaining episodes of Honey Locust, become a subscriber to the A SIP OF JUSTICE Patreon... https://www.patreon.com/aSipOfJustice You'll also get the investigative series "Big Heart Broken" and hours of ASOJ archives.

 DJ SEROM : THE BOUNCE MIX P... : DJ SEROM - THE BOUNCEMIX HS36 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:57:22

#THEBOUNCEMIX - Mixed & Hosted by DJ SEROM HS36 - LIVE MIX MOUV RADIO As Broadcasted on Mouv Radio on Thursday 01st August 2019 01. 112 - Dance With Me 02. 112 - Peaches and Cream 03. 112 / T.I. - If I Hit 04. RAY J / FAT JOE - Keep Sweatin 05. BABYFACE - There She Goes 06. USHER / P DIDDY - I Don't Know 07. DIDDY / NICOLE - Come To Me 08. RAY J - Formal Invite 09. DONELL JONES / LISA LEFT EYE - U Know What's Up  10. GUY - Dancin 11. RUFF ENDZ - No More 12. SOUL 4 REAL - Every Little Thing I Do 13. SOUL 4 REAL - Candy Rain 14. LL COOL J / AMERIE -  Paradise  15. BRANDY / LL COOL J - Sittin' Up In My Room (Doug Rasheed Remix) 16. BRANDY / MONICA - The Boy Is Mine 17. JAGGED EDGE / DA BRAT - The Way That You Talk 18. JAGGED EDGE - So Amazing 19. DONELL JONES / JERMAINE DUPRI - Better Start Talking 20. TREY SONGZ - Can't Help But Wait 21. NE-YO - Sexy Love 22. NE-YO / LL COOL J - So Sick (Remix) 23. NE-YO - So Sick 24. YVETTE MICHELLE - Everyday & Everynight 25. YVETTE MICHELLE - Im Not Feeling You 26. ALICIA KEYS - New Day 27. MARIAH CAREY / JAY-Z - Heartbreaker  28. MARIAH CAREY / ODB - Fantasy 29. NE-YO - Because Of You 30. JANET JACKSON - All for You 31. JANET JACKSON - What Have You Done for Me Lately 32. BOBBY BROWN - My Prerogative 33. BOBBY BROWN - Humpin Around 34. BOBBY BROWN - Two Can Play That Game 35. SISQO - Thong Song 36. OMARION - Ice Box www.djserom.com www.djserompodcast.com www.facebook.com/djserom Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat : @djserom #thebouncemix #MOUV EVERY WEDNESDAY 10PM www.mouv.fr #MOUVDJ

 HonesTEA with Z : HonesTEA with Z - Ep. 134 "A Letter One Year After George Floyd's Death" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:19

It's the one year anniversary of George Floyd's murder and Zainab reads a letter written for CNN.com. She also talks editing year book photos and an ultra marathon gone wrong. Thanks for listening!!! Make sure you SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!!! If you love what you're hearing leave 5 ⭐️ rating and review. JUST FRIENDS Podcast LIVE!!! Sunday's @ 1pm PST Tune in LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. www.youtube.com/c/JUSTFRIENDSPodc…twithZainabSydney FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: www.instagram.com/zainabjohnson www.facebook.com/zainabjohnson www.twitter.com/zainabjohnson CLUBHOUSE : Zainab Johnson

 The Rev Up Review : RUR-2008-07-06 #36 The Rev Up Review Summer Edition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:16

RUR-2008-07-06 #36 The Rev Up Review Summer Edition