Probiotics in breast milk, MRSA, FDA food safety rules, osteoporosis and exciting health news

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Breast milk has hundreds of probiotic bacterial species that help develop a baby's immune system; Faults in a meta-analysis claiming overweight people are less likely to die suddenly; Could an alleged email from be a phishing scheme?; Friends have chronic urinary tract infection — how long should one take antibiotics? Are health shakes digestible when no chewing is involved? Dr. Dawn supports the Paleo diet; Osteoporosis are being oversold without recognizing the effects of bisphosphonates; A caller's staph infection might be the Methicillin-resistant variety (MRSA); FDA announces new rules to reduce bacterial contamination of food growers and processors; MRI scans can reveal the risks of bipolar disorder; A new form of cell division is discovered! The sad truth that Multiple Sclerosis is difficult to diagnose and can be missed early on; Drug use is probably a symptom rather that a cause of schizophrenia; American Association of Pediatrics recent report warns against contact with pesticides, which are associated with cancer and adverse neurodevelopment