Podcast #2 – Myra Taylor interview excerpts

Coal Train Railroad show

Summary: Meet our very special guest for Podcast #2, "Mama" Myra Taylor, 93 year-old Kansas City jazz legend, composer of "The Spider and the Fly", and the woman who introduced the Charleston to Oakland, CA!nbsp; Click on the player below to hear Myra discuss baby-talk and Count Basie.nbsp; As a bonus, there's also a lovely a capella performance of her unrecorded song "Black Angel". (We recommend parents preview this segment prior to sharing it with their kids - it's about a little boy who is on his way to heaven and would provide great fodder for discussion as parents deem appropriate.) You can find out more about Myra's life and career in this 2008 article from Pitch.com. Curious about the Charleston?nbsp; Click here for a demonstration by Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball.