Summary: SHOW SPONSOR THIS WEEK ON TEW WE HAVE DJ ONEKID FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY onekid Say "one - kid" Adjective / noun Derived from Regan, meaning boy who have only one kidney in body Mark "onekid" began spinning records and cd’s in 2005. Initially spinning melodic trance and hard trance at house party’s, his first recognised deejay set was scored at trance nation@club nation in 2006. His energetic mixing style and technical ability behind the decks saw him quickly establish himself as one of Sydney’s recognised up’n’comer deejays. Placing 4th in the highly publicised wanted dj competition on 2007 saw him progress from bedroom banger to supporting internationally recognised artists such as sean tyas, simon patterson and scooter. Today he makes a name for himself deejaying a signature blend of melodic and emotive trance and hard trance, house, or electro at club nights accross Sydney, and has begun regularly stepping into the studio, producing his own quality tunes and remixes! Style: Trance - Emotive, melodic trance / hard trance. Energetic bass lines charecterised by euphoric breakdowns, and heart felt vocals. House + Electro on occasions.Influences: Coldplay; Snow Patrol; Armin Van Buuren; Shah; John O'Callaghan; Blake Jarrell; Simon Patterson; Sean Tyas; Alphazone; Pierre Pienarre; Dj Lee. Shows / Residencies: Nexus * Nox * Wanted Thursday's * Play@V-bar Make sure you go to: http://djscy.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/djscy1 CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST FEED EXCLUSIVE TICKETS FOR THE TOP TEN GROOVE TICKETS EVENTS Visit the Website at http://djscy.blogspot.com/ for more information on the TEW Radio Factor and donate via Paypal to help keep this Podcast and our Blog on the net! If you enjoy this Blog and show Podcast Show Please: 1. Let me know, you can find me at http://www.myspace.com/djscy12. Let others know, leave your comments on the iTunes Music Store! Thanks to everyone who continues to support the The TEW Radio Factor! Your support makes this podcast show possible!