ATM Episode #8

All Things Medieval show

Summary: Spring in Australia, Autumn in the northern hemisphere. Books I am reading? Nothing! Jobs I am doing – a novel? Injury in my line of work, Gold Falcon Enterprises Pty Ltd, busy busy busy, no time to edit. New Segments? Today in History, the battlefield, the courts...Viking episode. Viking podcast. Podfading sux! Art Competition? Coming up in the show, listener feedback, promos for other pc, listner report on the Cressing Temple event. Email issues! Get in touch with me here at ATM on the forums at or by email at and tell me what has been happening in your medieval world. Tell me you like the podcast. Tell how to improve it. Tell me what you want on the podcast. Tell me what you need to tell me. Heralds Call News Medieval city of Coln found in Berlin! An odd theory about the Mary Rose Medieval Garden Intrigues British Archaeologists The medieval hot and dry Buy an Irish Castle! Medieval villages. Camlaan, Cosmeton, Denmark Middlealter, The viking Inn in Minnesota Leaveth Anne Boyelen Alone Events Abbey Museum Medieval and Renaissance Treasures from the V&A at the Museum of High Art, Atlanta, Georgia September 2008 -Janurary 2009 Medieval Towns of Monmouthshire Conference will take place at the Memorial Hall, Usk, from 10am to 4.30pm on Saturday, October 11. Fiore Medieval School of Defence to host a Bob Charron seminar in Australia. This is an awesome opportunity to learn from a master about a late c14th sword master’s works! The estimated cost will be between $120- $160 dollars depending on numbers and cost of venues. Feature We attack some more of those incessant myths. We also have an explanation from Jim Mowatt from over at as to why the myths came about in Victorian England. Sir Justyn proves that Conan the Barbarian really did exist! The Market Place A book about templars, templar sites, life in the middle ages and more. Right Click here to Download an MP3 of ATM#8 Click on play to stream the Episode