All about hypertension, biochemical individuality, gallstones and fracking shale for natural gas

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Glutamate neurotransmitter is linked to depression and suicide — Ketamine can reverse suicide tendencies; Dr Dawn and callers discuss the issue of "fracking" shale for oil and gas, especially in the Monterey area; Niacinamide can help arthritis in just some people because of genetic differences; Biochemical individuality also explains different vitamin requirements in treating conditions like neuropathy; Different treatments for gallstones; Caller did a gallbladder cleanse that worked well for removing the "sludge"; Caller asks for a thorough explanation of the biology of hypertension; Blood vessel leakage in the retina causes a condition called central serous retinopathy; Why Dr Dawn likes Forteo for the treatment of osteoporosis, but watch for calcium in the arteries; Magnesium helps leg cramps at night; Brominated vegetable oil additive is another reason not to drink many common sodas and other drinks