First Podcast in Tamil - 17 Jul 05

Talking Veggie show

Summary: This my first podcast for veggie lovers in Tamil. I have discussed approaches to prepare rasavangi and mandarin orange pacchidi. This podcast being the first of the series, has an introduction note as well. I have also talked about an easy craft "caterpillar" which we can get our kids to do. Listen to the podcasts using a supporting software such as iPodder. I am still trying to find out why this feedburner url is not directly working in iTunes subscription. However when you use iPodder, it transfers it to iTunes as a playlist directly. You can also use other media players. To subscribe, use the url in your podcast downloader. This site also supports RSS. Use browsers such as Firefox and check the latest without having to get to the website. For RSS subscriptions use the url if Firefox does not recognize the RSS feed automatically. You can also use other RSS aggregators. Do not forget to give me your feedback and I look for your support and participation.