4 Feet Running - Ep. 44

4 Feet Running show

Summary: We're smokin' stew in a tent down by the river with 4 Feet Running! Or, as the French say, Quatre Pieds Courent! This week: - Nik and Dan do a 3-miler by the Fall River waterfront - They briefly meet up with their favorite newspaper hawker - Dan bids a frustrating farewell to the Crazy Man Running Store and finds a new shop - Nik is feeling better, stomachwise, which is helping her keep up with certain British podcasters on RunnerPlus challenges - They meet a regiment of French Revolutionary War re-enactors camped by the river, nice people who nearly bayonet a civilian - Nik and Dan can be Parisian taxi drivers - There's broken bicycle banter and chi chit-chat - They get some feedback from very nice people (8.28.08)