4 Feet Running - Ep. 49

4 Feet Running show

Summary: Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news? 4 Feet Running has both this week: - Nik and Dan go for a 4.5-miler through their neighborhood - They have the best running geek week ever, with Runner+ back, a newish Garmin, and challenges on Buckeye Outdoors - They have a terrible geek week also, as Nik's MacBook Pro lapses into a coma - Nik and Dan check out treadmills and do really, really long intervals through stores across southern New England - Reading treadmill reviews is very confusing, but they make the best of it - Nik and Dan have some goals in mind they'll work toward with or without a hamster wheel - They get feedback from some very nice people (11.26.08)