Episode 297: "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (part 2)

BMA: Black Media Archive show

Summary: We're celebrating the Black Media Archive's 5th Anniversary! It's amazing to think that this podcast has been going strong for five years, and it continues to grow. Thank you for supporting the BMA over the past five years, and please continue to leave your comments, send in emails, and spread the word about this podcast. To celebrate we present the conclusion of this episode, the $2 million epic, 1927 silent film version of the American classic "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Unfortunately, this particular version of the film is incomplete, but gives the viewer an idea of the depiction of African-Americans in early 20th century entertainment. It's important to note that this version of the film actually included some real African-Americans, specifically in the role of Uncle Tom. However, it also includes some more traditional (for the time) actors in black face, and the roles of Eliza and George are played by whites.