HTGYG Show #144: Twelve Days of Christmas Day 9: Star Wars books for all ages!

How To Grow Your Geek: Parenting and More! show

Summary: I’m making up for no shows in November by giving you a 12 Days of Christmas Geeky Gift Guide! I’ll recommend a great geeky gift for your kids for the first 12 days of Christmas, and since I started a day early, it’ll actually be a baker’s dozen of 13! (If you have recommendations, please send them to me at or @susiethegeek on Twitter!)  Today’s idea was inspired by a discussion author Cory Doctorow had on Twitter about what to get his 6 yr old nephew who’s a big Star Wars fan. He settled on this Star Wars Complete Cross-Section book, which inspired me to want to introduce you all to the world of gorgeous books out there for the ultimate Star Wars fans on any age! Just search for Star Wars books anywhere you’d shop for books or geeky goodness, and revel in the tons of gorgeous books available! Logo Art by Tim Coffey Theme music: Alien for Christmas cover by IFightDragons