HTGYG Show #143: Twelve Days of Christmas Day 8: Flashlights?!?

How To Grow Your Geek: Parenting and More! show

Summary: I’m making up for no shows in November by giving you a 12 Days of Christmas Geeky Gift Guide! I’ll recommend a great geeky gift for your kids for the first 12 days of Christmas, and since I started a day early, it’ll actually be a baker’s dozen of 13! (If you have recommendations, please send them to me at or @susiethegeek on Twitter!) Today, Gary calls in with a great suggestion for kids that brings out creativity and independence – flashlights. These humble tools become lightsabers, magic wands and sonic screwdrivers in the hands of kids, and can help with fear of the dark and bad weather anxiety, plus a little reading under the covers is totally ok! They come in all price ranges, and can be found almost anywhere – plus they’re handy for adults too! Please email me with your own comments at howtogrowyourgeek-at-gmail-dot-com, or call my voicemail number at (678) 235-GROW (4769) and leave your thoughts. And last but not least, you can follow me on Twitter at @SusietheGeek or the show at @HowToGrowGeek, on Goodreads as SusieMurph, and on Google+ as +SusieMurph! Logo Art by Tim Coffey Theme music courtesy of Jonathan Coulton