DMT 109 – Spotify, UMG & HP, 4G, Fan-funding, A&R spend

Digital Music Trends Audio show

Summary: This week on Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli (@digimusictrends), Nancy Baym (@nancybaym) and Eamonn Forde (@eamonn_forde) chat about Spotify, the UMG/HP deal, the rise of 4G and its impact on music services, fan-funded projects versus a label's A&R spending power and much more! You can find the shownotes for this week's podcast here with links to all the stories we talked about and to the ones we didn't get a chance to talk about: Digital Music Trends is available on many platforms, you can enjoy it on Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Mixcloud, Stitcher and most podcast feed aggregators. Hope you enjoy the show and see you next week. Andrea