DMT 110 – Musichackday London 2012

Digital Music Trends Audio show

Summary: This week on Digital Music Trends I chat with Martyn Davies (@martyndavies, Sendgrid) and Syd Lawrence (@sydlawrence, Twilio, about Musichackday London 2012 which took place over the weekend of the 17th/18th of November at Facebook’s HQ in Soho. This week it’s well worth checking out the video version of the show as I’ve incorporated videos of some of the demos to showcase the hacks that we ended up talking about. Now in its 4th year, we start by talking about Musichackday at large, including the spread of the event worldwide, why music hacks are more fun, the mindset of the community, Facebook’s sponsorship of the year’s event (& thoughts on Open Graph). Then we move on to specific hacks from the London event - below’s a list of links including time they appear on the show - as well as lots of generic topics like the role of remix apps, status of Spotify apps, value of APIs, Radio and discovery, video-capture hacks and more... - Screecha (19:00) - EyePhone (23:13) - Move It (25:33) - Johnny Cash Has Been Everywhere Man (27:30) - Podiki (34:30) - Disco Disco Discotech (Hospitality Club) (39:40) - Remix of the Century (44:43) - Tracks In a Box (53:16) Hope you enjoy the show and ‘’till next week. Andrea Leonelli @digimusictrends