SiF #189 - Anal this and Kinsey that

Sex is Fun Episodes 101-200 show

Summary: Today we take a caller who asks how he can get his wife to take him up the butt. Another caller wants us to know that she thought Kinsey was a jerk. Gay Rick reviews an Anal Trainer Kit from Download the Show Anal Trainer Kit Reviewer: Gay Rick Classification: Anal Plugs The anal trainer kit consists of 3 different butt plugs: the small (4.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide), the medium (5 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide), and the large (6 inches tall and 2 inches wide). The material of the plugs was not noted anywhere. After discussing it amongst the Sex is Fun crew, we hypothesized they made be made of PVC, but we’re uncertain. The plugs did have a plastic scent when we opened them initially, but the odor disappeared pretty quickly. I did boil them and there were no noticeable chemicals on the surface of the water. The plugs did retain their shape. I used a water-based lube for these plugs because I was no certain of what they were made of. This kit is going to be great for a complete anal beginner. The small is a great start for someone who has never had anything up their ass and is nervous about the way things will feel. It’s not wide at all. The medium has a bit fuller feel, but not by much. The large is a great goal for a beginner. If you are pretty familiar with anal play, this might not be the set for you. Despite this being my first set of anal plugs, none of them were really a challenge. The large is a great plug to keep on hand for regular use, though. Some ideas for use of the plugs: put one in and go dancing; wear one at work for a half day; wear one during dinner so your partner is surprised when you head to bed; for the extreme adventurist – wear one while working out. You can find these plugs at The plugs retail for $26.50. For a set of 3, that’s a pretty good deal. Remember to use your coupon code for a discount on your purchase. Sex is Fun is sponsored by: Comment on this show at our FORUM