Odd disease week with Mogellons disease and swollen eyes; Also new Alzheimer's test and much more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: The importance of the glycocalyx "fur" lining of your blood vessels; Bloody stools from trauma to bile duct doesn't seem related to supplement intake, but ibuprofen might be a cause; Acupuncture in a seated massage chair will probably help a woman with nerve compression pain; Night sweats for a week, high temp during day, sounds like a hidden infection; New research supports the reality of Morgellons disease; A calcium-magnesium supplement changes the quantity reported on the label because of bioavailability; A woman has swelling in eye that has ruled out many diseases may be an autoimmune disease; New test for Alzheimer's disease using PET scan to detect amyloid plaque; Another woman with swollen eyes was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and treated with stress reduction; How to accumulating pharmaceuticals for emergency purposes; Sufferer with tinnitus uses it to meditate and help fall asleep! Dr. Dawn endorses Dr. Sinatra's suggestions for supplements to boost heart health