Podcast Ping's Christmas Calendar Day 17

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Summary: Day 17. A week from now it will be Christmas Eve. Or Christmas Eve day. Or the morning of the day of Christmas Eve. Or somewhere in the general vicinity. http://www.archive.org/download/PodcastPingsChristmasCalendarDay17/ppcc17.mp3 It was two years ago today that I did Bonus 9-A Visit From St. Nicholas. And since it was my first Christmas it was my first Christmas show. I feel it was one of my best shows and sounded the way I wanted the show to. As such I've tried to do much the same thing in the regular shows for this year with classic poetry, although none of them feel as strong as the bonus 9 was. I suspect it's because everyone is familiar with the Christmas poem so the musical breaks aren't as disruptive. I keep feeling as if I might miss a day, but with a little more than a week to go I doubt I will. But doing a post a day can get a little repetitive and it's easy to forget. And it does take a bit of time since I'm not only posting to the podcast blog but to Mininova as well. So far none of the sites I've used have been down so I've had no trouble in posting, although it re-enforces my decision not to do it again next year. I usually take December off from writing, so this has changed things a bit this year. Although I'm not doing any novel writing I have had a few poems to write--and of course the postings. It's not demanding, but the main reason for not writing during December is to regenerate my ideas. I've had an idea for a new podcast but I can't say when I'll get to it. But I'll likely talk more about it on the New Year's show--which I still haven't done any work on. I may even keep things light for the first few months of next year and not do any podcasts--except for the Blue Hot Gossip anniversary show. I skipped the first one (since I wasn't sure about continuing it at the time) so I don't really want to skip the second. Although at this point the one after that might take a little time. And sometime I would like to do another fan commentary. The trouble is that I need a couple hours I can work uninterrupted to record it. It's been more than two years since I did the Dark Crystal commentary, which happened to come out shortly before a new version with an official commentary. But I would choose some other movie to do, preferably one that is widely available but doesn't have a commentary of it's own. Now that I've got some podcasting experience I think I could do a better job, or at least I would sound better. Podcast Ping is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0. My online toy shop can be found at http://patrickjmcnamara.webs.com.