Podcast Ping's Christmas Calendar Day 19

Podcast Ping show

Summary: Day 19. http://www.archive.org/download/PodcastPingsChristmasCalendarDay19/ppcc19.mp3 The song for this episode, "The Wonderful World of Toys," is one that I was mildly interested in the first time listening to but have grown to really like with repeated listenings. Most podcasts that play music will list the songs in their show notes. I've tended not to do that for a few reasons. For one, I never really got in the habit and it's a little late to start now. I also like to keep the music a bit of surprise. When one listens to music on the radio they don't know what the next song is until it comes on. But when show notes list the music it tends to be a bit of a spoiler. Just knowing the title of a song can set up expectations as to what the song is about, especially in the case of a cover version. And I do list all the songs and poems at the end of the show. If a person is listening to the show anyways they can hear the credits. Those familiar with the show know that it would be disruptive to announce the music during the show. It's simply part of the formula to run the music and poetry together. It helps create an atmosphere. Podcast Ping isn't a DJ style show but more of a musical experience. I have been trying to keep the same order in the credits as the song played, so that the third song mentioned in the credits is the third song in the show. I'm assuming that if someone really is interested in a particular song they'll search for it or the artist. Most of the material is from Mevio, which use to be Podshow. And I try to credit the source if it isn't from there. Podcast Ping is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0. My online toy shop can be found at http://patrickjmcnamara.webs.com.