204 Podcast Answer Man – Panel Discussion – How Much To Charge Your Sponsor – How To Become A Thought Leader And Influencer With Your Audio Podcast – And So Much More!

The Cliff Ravenscraft Show | Take Your Message, Your Business and Your Life To The Next Level show

Summary: In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I cover the following topics. Dave Thackery called in to ask how much he should charge a new sponsor for an upcoming podcast. In response, I shared the many things that I consider when thinking about how much to charge for sponsors of my own podcasts. Here’s a list that I shared. - Potential Benefit To My Audience - Potential Benefit To The Sponsor - My confidence level that I can convince my audience of this benefit - The potential size of the audience - The lifespan of the content - The ability to track results & get feedback on effectiveness of the sponsorship - My relationship with my audience Robinson called in and asked if podcasters should compensate Interviewees if we release as the interview as premium content. I give several of my thoughts related to this issue in the podcast. Anthony Vicars called in to ask about what to do with the missing images from his Enhanced Podcast after moving from AAC to MP3 format. Also, he asked about how I am getting my show notes to pull up in the iPod player on his iPhone. In response to Anthony’s questions, I explain what an Enhanced Podcast is and my thoughts about them. Also I provide some suggestions that may be worth considering. As for the show notes showing up for my podcasts, I referred him to a video blog post that I did at